5 work prayers I say daily

I work in customer service. A special type of this form.
From here on, special isn't being used as the typical dictionary definition.
  1. Lord. Jesus. Take this wheel because they can perfectly see but they're being extremely lazy and don't want to help themselves. Either they're too rich or too on the threshold to use their hands. Don't let me use my hands God, but give me a gentle mouth to speak with.
  2. Lord give them money for running water, soap and toothpaste. Godliness is next to cleanliness.
  3. Jesus. You didn't make special people, maybe they're illiterate, maybe they can't read this country's first language, but Lord let them learn the simple process I keep repeating to them.
  4. Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Be my shepherd that I may not want. Let me not drown these people by the thrusting rivers you want the deers to drink from. Present my banquet table before my enemies and grant me favour as I pray for their lives every time they wrongly speak evil against me.
  5. I need the full armour from you God. Technically I can't hit back as it's a rule, but God give me the power to drop one hot box if who I'm trying to help steps any closer and attempts to disturb my wig. Protect me, yet gift me with the power to subdue and save myself. In Jesus name.
These are the softer versions of my daily prayers. I roll my eyes often and have to prompt people often but hey ho- the job pays!
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