All I have to give

All I have to give

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If you're from the late 80's and 90's then you'll know this one:
I hope everyone who reads this is doing well. I stumbled on an instagram post last year and as I near 25 I want to get this out as I don't have 25 lessons that I learnt, mistakes yes.
Here are 25 things that I have to give to the heart that's meant to love me perfectly (Trent Shelton one liner there):
  1. I am all about breakfast and making people laugh. I genuinely will happily make you breakfast even if you didn't put in that wedding work before my 6 am yoga. I still will serve and feed you.
  2. Travel. I know what I'm doing when travelling and won't embarrass us out there.
  3. Patience. Working with children has given me so much patience that I can mind my time and not get upset if things don't click as fast as they should.
  4. Family. My family is crazy and or quirky. Not many things phase me and when you get to know me, you'll find that I'm a good blend of throwing an iron and also bursting into song and dance.
  5. Financial stability. By the time, you read this, I'll have a steady job and continue to be independent and sort my one loan (1 year of Student finance). My credit should be good but Student Finance once stole my money then I took it back and they called it an 'arrear'. What a bish. Let's invest and build for our kids futures though!
  6. I have colourful language but I'm respectful. I will never call people out of their name unless they display signs of what I call them by. I will never disrespect or fly my hand at my partner (AKA you, Mr Baby daddy for life). I've had humbling moments within relationships that I genuinely won't embarrass my man and will seek peace between us.
  7. Words are kind of my thing and if we go out and service is terrible, I will handle it and your bank card with both our names on it will not be used that night.
  8. Morally I'm sound. If you said to call when I'm ready to leave, you will have a text telling you to get on your shoes and a call giving you the exact approximation of when I'll be outside.
  9. Waste not, want not. I am not here to waste your time before courting or after marriage. I'm also not going to be throwing away food because you want a fresh meal daily, no honey, humble yourself.
  10. Humility. Ask me about my baby pictures and the house I lived in from childhood. It was fun but looking back it was small.
  11. Humour. I will make you laugh and expect you to do so too. I'll probably tickle you and touch your face just because it makes me smile.
  12. Greed. I'm working on it but since birth I've been a greedy baby and as your wife for life, you just need to accept this.
  13. I'm strong in one sense but anything that potentially will make me cry, will make me cry unashamedly. I cried at the end of the Hobbit when they buried the three dwarf Kings! I mean who does that?
  14. Health is wealth and we are not going to get fat in our old age, I am too fine for that. I will have you out the door running if you try and be a couch potato. Think it's joke.
  15. Home is where the heart is. I truly believe this and can be at 'home' with you in Ireland if that's where we love and have beautiful moments. It won't necessarily be our respective birth countries that I will call home.
  16. Babies. From day 1, it's going down.
  17. I don't get angry often and don't expect it either. If you're angry, take a walk and calm yourself as I will not allow shouting and negativity around me. No.
  18. I'm a planner and don't need you to be. If you are then it'll be sticky but we can work at it. I'd prefer you just told me what you wanted and passed me your bank card though.
  19. I have high standards for peace (soul), conversations (mind), transparency of love and food. I don't expect anyone to ask me to lower them, I'm not expensive so everything non-materialistic needs to be high.
  20. God above all else, even each other.
  21. Time should come without saying but I've seen relationships struggle because people won't make time for them. There's a difference in clearing time to speak to someone and speaking to someone because you happened to have time to.
  22. Communication. I'm going to get a Masters in this so that this is not our downfall from our friendship to our marriageship.
  23. Be ambitious, I'll match your drive. What you give, I'll give more. What you struggle in, I'm going to help you shine in. I go hard for those I care about, I have a CV of fools that have ridden me to the gallows to prove it!
  24. I won't give you any reason to doubt me because I'm transparent. I won't walk on eggshells and pretend to be what I'm not, even for your friends.
  25. Marriage is for life. When I say "I do" to you, it's my commitment to this covenant that I will do everything I can to love and honour you and make each day better than the last. I'm not here to woo anybody as that's the man's job but I will build up the one that is for me.
That's that. It's not filthy but it's stuff I'd say to the heart that is meant for me.

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