America baby, how you feelin?

America baby, how you feelin?

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Caption: Days after Trump and minorities are under attack -

Almost a week has passed with the world getting to grips that the recently elected President of the once seen as United States of America is Donald Trump. A country where people pledged to be all they can be, to stand together under one nation that believes in 'something'. I've seen so many views on this and my students have asked my opinion. I'm slightly pulled in that; he opened the eyes of the world by saying what people have been thinking for years, he showed white supremacy and erupted an avalanche of truth. He also has many strong negative views that have classed him as being racist, sexist, a misogynist, and tonnes more you can read on the Internet. 

I don't write about politics but I know it is affecting this world and has a hand into how the rulers of the world shape and shift things. England had a Brexit  (British Exit of the European Union) in June,  which similarly was messy and had many financial backslashes as well as opened the gates to how some of the British populous  (older and lower class mostly) felt towards immigrants and other non-white and non conformist (LGBT) community. We've  seen a lot of truth shed from some of the super powers this year that will be marked in History and will appear in our kids future post high school exams.

But what I want to ask right now,  is how are you? How are you feeling regardless or including the world's current Affairs?  How are you mentally,  physically,  social,  emotionally holding up?  You can email me if you want or drop a comment here, but how are you and how can I help you?

I accidentally set my Andalusia teacher's conference alarm for today so I woke up too early and started thinking about how I could phrase this time in a post. I still find it difficult and so I want to know how you are. If you've seen some of social media I released a lot of "shit" bombs and have seen the distance between people, but I'm OK with it as I haven't been 'okay'. I recognise that and am noticing the little changes I've been making over the last 2 weeks and am changing my life slowly, and it feels wonderful!

So I hope you have a good end to the week and that you get better and continue to strive for happiness and wellness in your life. xx

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