Catch flights not feelings: boy he fine, is he mine?

Catch flights not feelings: boy he fine, is he mine?

A part of the series but a 'self' conversation on one of the trips to the UK. Check part 1 and 2 here!

This is about a friend who I care deeply for. I only share this because, his example of self love made me better.
So my friend disappeared for a few months and I thought he was down for the count. I worry and think to the extreme like a normal woman does for someone they care about. When we reconnected and sat face to face. Dang his chocolate ass had me half paying attention. He shared with me that he disappeared from everyone for a complete few weeks to be still and listen to his inner voice. Now I had known that he wanted to do a serious growth thing but this was extreme. He then shared some things on self love, listening to yourself and not others, leaping into your destiny, putting yourself first, career wisdom, and so much more! 
I won't lie, my spirit was mesmerised by the man he had become as he sat across from me. All the changes he had been making of goal planning, investing and personal development from a career progression point of view- were things we spoke on lightly over the years and things I started doing prior to our discussion.
It's crazy that as he went through a period of self-love, I did too. So much of what he said were things I read and had been pondering on but not sharing because I didn't know which of my friends think in a selfish growth way. It's hard to only put you first. Think about it: every day, only (doing the best for) you.
But I'm blessed to be a part of this man's life and learn from him as he journey's to being better than who he was yesterday (one of my 2017 mission statements). Change is good, isolation to think is good. It made me think of all the time I spent in my head fighting myself to choose me versus doing what everyone thinks is the right move for me, as in, purpose over society's expectations. I've been having a pull to leave my job and I kept overriding the pull by being sensible and following through but every time I chose to be sensible someone like him, who is actively pursuing greatness, would appear and shake me again. Here I am on a flight wondering how I'm going to jump into serving myself and letting me be the best me instead of fighting with what society and my conscious, controlling mind screams for me to do.
Being safe does nothing if it's crushing who you are. I feel it, I live it and it hurts.
So thank you love for sharing who you are and who you're going to be. You lit my mind again. You're hella fine too and I'm going to get what's mine. Xx

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