Catch flights not feelings: I almost missed my flight II

Catch flights not feelings: I almost missed my flight II

Apr 24, 2017, 7:53:30 PM Life and Styles

I don't know where to begin, but Sunday morning as I spoke to my love I remembered that I hadn’t checked in. I opened my Monarch email and tried to check in again and it said it doesn’t open until 9th March.  I then realised I booked a flight for Monday 16th March instead of Monday 16th February. What a blunder for a frequent flyer eh?  I was so excited that I made quite a big mess and would’ve gone to the airport to try and check in that Monday morning.

Now you know the first part getting here was a struggle but leaving was a mess. I can’t even go into the details as I had private matters to deal with which led me to jump on and off the wrong trains, catch Uber’s and brought my bill to +£200 in under 48 hrs.

Regardless of the non travel tears as it wasn’t that bad because I bought a new flight for Monday evening, emailed work Monday morning and told them I’d be in on Tuesday. I got to surprise my cousin and be there for her 25th. She had so many people at her surprise dinner at the worst customer service we had all ever been to and we’re near loud arguments with crappy staff. It’s a testament of the type of great woman she is, after the food was an after party and we got down in our heels. Sunday was my dad’s 50th and I was excited to make him breakfast while mom laughed at my flight blunder without realising just how much plantain I was eating in front of her.we went to church and went to an Italian restaurant and ate great dairy free fruit covered cupcakes I ordered. I was so happy to hug my dad.

A hug from him was all I had been wanting since I booked my flights the week before.  I’m a true daddy’s girl but as I thought about him during the week, I wrote a prayer and reflected on my go-getter attitude, my strive for continuous greatness, my teary rise after many a fall or big embarrassments (2016 basically). I’m kind because he is kind, he has a softness that I have for specific groups of people. He is gentle and I see peace is kind of often with him. He is a family man as he slots himself into every adult appropriate support role he can be in throughout our education and professional lives. I love my dad, and this relationship means the world to me.
Suffice it to say I didn’t tell many people I was coming, I didn’t see my Godson, I didn’t see a lot of people I normally see. But I only came for 2 people and rekindled other relationships as people presented themselves to me.

I won’t be flying so quickly again without having someone else check to see my letters are crossed. I also don’t want to fly for surprises unless it’s only for 2 people and only to see them. Do you know ow how hard it is trying to see your usual 10 or trying to not accidentally tell the wrong person your coming? It’s so taxing on the brain. All these significant numbers and I love yall but, my serotonin levels can only spike so much at this tender age of 24/25.

I’m grateful for love and hugs. I’m grateful that positivity and passion makes me do what I do. I do crazy things and keep things quiet but it’s fuelled by love and love is actually all I have to give (backstreet boys song). Xx

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