Consistent Southern Spain

Consistent Southern Spain

Feb 5, 2017, 3:56:17 AM City

I currently live in Spain but haven't spoken much about the actual living as I've been here. I'm a person that needs specific questions to actually tell you about where I am and how doable it is.

But let's talk about the weather! I live in a small city near Cordoba, that's 2 hours North from Malaga Airport (South of Spain). When it rains here it feels like home due to the fact that it's raining, but here people don't do things when it rains. They actually stay indoors and chill. You realise you don't need to grab that thing from the store, you can wait til next weekend to get the bus and have a little shopping trip or catch up, you can spend the day inside with loved ones and relax. It's ok to not do things. It's odd but I enjoy it, even though I don't do much.

Here when it rains, it at least rains half of the day or all day. It's consistent. It's wonderful that it's consistent, unlike England and it's permanently hormonal adolescent weather.

On contrast when it's sunny, it's clear skies and wonderful. Last week in 15 degrees weather I sat by my balcony for 45 mins and caught a tan in my sports bra after my morning yoga on both my arm and stomach. It's February and I caught a tan just for not paying attention and sitting in direct sunlight, so cool! I love the warmth (except for when you have to sleep) but I am so pleased to be in a sunny place, the sun peeks through no matter what. You have a guarantee of a smile everyday, just from the sun's rays alone.

I'll miss that and the fresh quality fruits and vegetables from the small businesses. Quality sun and produce on my doorstep in a small city where they drop so many letters due to their accent here in Andalucia!

Do you ever sit and appreciate consistent and straightforward weather where you don't have to bring extra clothing and accessories just to manage a 12 hour day trip?

Published by Kirah Grand

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