Italian motivation

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Your character keeps you. Always be the best you, choose to overcome, learn and grow. For example, the interesting thing that happened at this Italian camp gave me more skills than had I been put in the role I came for. Yes I was mad, why lie? But dad was like keep going, it’s just a lesson. The next day I was ready to smash it either way. The following week while I was here planning another awesome day at our camp, God showed up! My positivity for another vacancy this year in a different country was seen and I kept getting called back but I didn’t have the experience yet they passed on my details with their views on me. Boom, job offer given. As much as people piss me off and I forcibly put myself in personally challenging experiences, it’s worth it.


Faith it til you make it, fe.


Ever had a work demotion or change of roles, work out for your good?

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