Kind souls from China

Kind souls from China

Kind souls from China

Dec 17, 2017, 9:38:53 PM Life and Styles

I’ve met such wonderful people that I’d hate to let anyone think I hated China.

I had many down times and personal offences with Chinese citizens that made me sour for a day but it was just for ONEday. The fact that I’m alive here is enough to say it’s not that bad.

If any of my awesome friends at that time reads this, thank you for a smile or time spent trying to understand and connect with me. I adore my flatmates whom are Chinese as well as my lively Chinese colleagues! They made it fun and bridged the gap between our world’s as we explained our cultures to get a better understanding and take away the ‘weird’ factor.

Luckily on that ‘Welcome’ night with free beer at the Shed, I started to make great Western friends that made my social life peaceful and full of laughs! The culture, food, arts, hangovers, girl trips (which I’ve never valued til then) made growing up and away from home life at 23 incredible! My high top friend for feeding me and always laughing with me, you felt like ‘home’ to me. My mini afro and boot wearing sister who introduced me to her sister, you showed me some great adventures. My drinking and usually hungover hashtag queen gave me the best yolo advice ever! Then my flatmates, the quality time and conversations were wonderful and aided in catapulting me into doing more!

I want to be an adult because of you, even though it’s hard because I revert back to childlike fun when I can, just to make things feel easier. You’re the people I admire. Moreso the few that travelled alone and stuck it out, China wasn’t easy bruh and I commend those who stay on for more than a year.

This was originally written June 2016 and my thoughts are still the same filled, as I head back out there next month (Jan 2018) for my flatmate’s wedding. I still think of the wild moments but kind strangers that became friends, everyone knows I didn’t think I’d be going back but I’m happy it’s to see my Chinese family and be apart of their special day!

Published by Kirah Grand

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