Letting society run you

Letting society run you

Aug 30, 2017, 12:11:54 PM Opinion
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I've spent more time in prayer recently and have a bit of a freeness with it. As well as speaking with more people about life and learning from their mistakes, I was led to this question:
What is holding me back?
The answer: Being almost bound to the constraints I set for my life because of society. I'm seeking a future home and family so I'm working on myself for the man that is right for me as well as the jobs that will pay me well to buy a house and make it a home. But why am I so tunneled on this and missing life learning points by sitting in the UK? The move back home was meant to happen and I am fine with that, but so many of my decisions are future based and creating the stability that I kind of am living in the future but not fully enjoying the now. I am growing as a professional and a house is next on my list, but I'm adding travel back into it and risks. That's all I've done for 3 years that trying to strip it away has hurt me. I need to travel and I need to take risks as much as I'm professional and direct with an almost matter of fact business stance, lol.
The motivational model pictured reminded me about seasons and being aware of what time and season you are in. We can have it all but in moderation, we can have love, money and a family but we may not have a load of money if we focus on family first. On the flip side, you can have a load of money but neglect family time and relationships. Be grateful and be aware of how much each thing in your life takes from you. Value the awkward moments, the successes, the feeling of too much or too little, as well as the quiet planning stages.
Chasing after this rosy family picture keeps me focused but it's also skewed my path to getting there. I'm not sure how it is for you in your part of the world so tell me. How do you stay focused but enjoy life in the here and now? How do you work to that dream and not sacrifice too much of the essence of you in your 20's? What does this season say to you and what lessons are being revealed to you? Comment or send me a message! xx

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