Love thyself

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Love yourself and start practising self care.
It's not a new concept and I've touched on it before. Everyone needs to do this, children do this naturally-I'll get to it- and it's a very peace bringing practice.
A few ways I practice it and would suggest for you:
  1. Talking through key points of my day. Or write out my yearly goals daily to keep me focused.
  2. Do my nails or attempt to slowly comb through my curly hair (easily can become a negative task as it's not a gentle process for #teamnatural).
  3. Slow showers, focus on specific areas and actually look at your body as you clean it appreciatively.
  4. Cook for myself and sometimes others. Especially pancakes-breakfast is my thing. Or even just take yourself out.
  5. Take a short evening drive, or a long one. Or just choose a big diversion to get back home.
  6. Watch cartoons in the morning and laugh. Or do yoga and try a new pose to fall and laugh.
  7. Help someone (altruistic acts done especially by introverts and nature lovers will help increases the endorphins that leads to happiness in the brain).
  8. Put your phone down and enjoy moments.
  9. Appreciate the sun rays or the perfect gust of wind that just passed.
  10. Sing and drive or sing and dance or sing and shimmy (which is a shoulder movement that can be seen via these Google gifs) to make someone else laugh.
The endorphins thing isn't a direct fact, I've just read on all those topics to piece it together.
Now for the kids, what they've been doing:
  1. When they're quite, yet mischievous, they're actually being creative and exploring self.
  2. Singing to themselves and others.
  3. Greeting people as they walk by, they're showing others love because they need it and it helps the child grow.
  4. Quietly reading to themselves
  5. Doing tasks they love doing and are good at. this could be, helping you unpack groceries, or helping to do the washing.
  6. When they hold your hand and look at the world.
  7. Their little independent moments of self cleaning and practising the good hygiene tips you taught them.
There's more, but I don't have children yet for this to not sound weird as I kind of study my Godson and children I work around.
Do something simple for you today, even if it's reading or lighting a candle for your evening supper!
What more could you add to the list for yourselves as adults or kids? What's your favourite self love practice or sequence of things?

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