Seville and southern Spanish cities

Seville and southern Spanish cities

Nov 20, 2016, 8:20:55 PM City

I dont post randomly on here, nor do I post short piece so let's rectify that!


For the first of November here in the South, we had the annual day of celebrating and remembering the dead. I chose that time to visit Seville and see it in all its beauty. It really is beautiful and filled with gorgeous architecture and lovely people. I've never not felt welcomed in a Spanish city here in Andalucia and I've seen all the major ones except for maybe Cadiz and I should be visiting Granada again then heading over to Morocco. 

I will say that checking out Seville by going to plaza espana is a great starting point and you must visit La Seta which is a near 30 metre tall mushroom shaped structure that they finished building a few years ago that gives a nice 'rooftop' view of Seville's centres.

I've tended to live in small cities when I live in Spain and there are some things that just are typical and you may like when visiting small Spanish cities.

1. If you don't speak Spanish it's ok because they know you do the so they speak louder to help you.

2. If you're semi pretty or incredibly beautiful, in crowded afternoon places where it's touristy or filled with Spanish people you'll hear nice comment, "Oh que guapa!"

3. Support the locals and buy some traditional Spanish baked goods or handmade crafts when you see them. I don't know but it always feels good and if they speak English and your friendly you can get some good food tips or free entertainment info.

4. Couchsurf if you're open to meeting new people or need a place to see. If you choose this option, be careful and read thoroughly but also expect to share from your culture too. I've had great responses here when doing it and I've spoken to helpful people, I feel safe doing it here too (but that's because Spain is like a 2nd or 3rd home to me)!

5. You'll always see lots of the elderly people about before noon and probably see some of them drinking g alcohol before 10 am. It's cute and it (IMO) legitimises anyone else for drinking before 10 whether it's been a good or bad start to the day.

6.There's usually a cool feature of the small city you visit. I think Seville would be the performers and liveliness around Plaza España, for Córdoba I think it's the old town and the mosque that I've heard about but haven't yet visited. Then in Granada there would be the jamón as tapas and the Alhambra that I'm going to see again they also have a beer with that name in a green unmarked bottle that I recommend. Malaga would be the alcazaba with a local Spaniard on a sunny day and a walk by the pretty park in front of it. These cities are actually semi big but I've not been there in full tourist season so they don't feel huge. But when I lived in Monforte near Lugo in the North, it was the castle/fort (now hotel) on the mountain and a few local tapas bars that were cheap and lively.

What's your favourite city?  What do you like to look for when Travelling? 

Let me know!

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