She copped a feel!

Cop a feel

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Women’s health and health in general is important. I don’t talk about health here but if you’re not sure please go to the doctors. If something is off, get it looked at.

I went to the doctors to talk about discoloration which turned out to be a reaction to breast tape (covers your nipples so you can go braless and not protrude through your dress). The doctor did a typical check with a female nurse present, as you always should have when seen by the opposite sex, he felt something. As a woman whatever they feel you should have known about, but I didn’t remember if it felt that way before. I know I should yet it’s a daily oversight.

Now God isn’t a God of fear so I was not about to get scared when he said they’d refer me to the feel up breast people at the hospital. Lol, he’s doing his job so why panic about the unknown?

I was down as emergency and saw them when I could. I didn’t think it would be that serious but hey ho I got the appointment quickly! Speed I tell you!

Leading up to it I told my beau and realistically the man never worries about the unknown so I don’t know why I thought he’d give me a reason to take it seriously. That’s one thing I’ve learnt from him, don’t fret about anything you have no control over. Since it’s a long distant, see you twice a year thing I strolled in there by myself as the youngest one in the room- as usual.

I was more concerned about charging my phone and prepping posts as I sat waiting for 30 mins to have a lady feel me and tell me I need to feel them myself. I was kind of told off but in a “you should know better” way, which was okay as we could have had some banter but no need to drag out the process. I had an ultrasound to show that it’s typical glandular tissue then went back for a short chat.

You can read the procedure online, it’s straightforward and you wait about an hour depending on the day and time. You thought this post was going to go left, right? Not today hunny. I’m so happy it went alright and kind of shook me into taking stock of feeling my physical body.

Moral: feel your breasts yourself and watch your body as it changes. Add in some self care by creaming or massaging oil bi-weekly all over and notice ‘you’!


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