Stark reality in Winter

Stark reality in Winter

Today in Spain is the dia de Constiucional. What does that mean? I know not, it's a bank holiday so no teaching for me!

I've been meaning to get out of the house so last night I decided I would do just that today. What a wonderful and short day it was for me :-)

I went to Cordoba. On a bank holiday. In Spain. Meaning all the shops are closed minus a few and restaurants. Like the intellectual I am with certifiactes and achievements, I realised this as we approached the city. You'd think the bus driver who told me the time for the bus- which was the Sunday schedule time, on a Tuesday- would've egged my brain along. As I got in early afternoon, I took the usual walk from the bus station to the centre, there's a nice park on the way with a few water features. It's a really comfortable environment as everyone walks through there and children play. This time, it felt like autumn in December. It was 18 degrees celsius and I had my sunglasses on, looking as European as I could with my black bomber jacket and leggings to match my natural haired halo brais. I looked like a teenager really but I had a wave of light wind hit me.

"You are alone"

I had realised in a moment as I took a picture of this feature, that I was far from human touch and love. I had a handful of two meaningful relationships here and I rarely had physical contact or cried with laughter in a very long time. It was good to be hit with that as it put things into perspective for me.

1. I enjoy being alone.

2. I can be alone for a few months at a time.

3. I'm still human and want a hug and bellyful of laughter more often.

Throughout the day I saw beautiful moments, shared between children and their parents that reminded me of my parents. Even at this age, I hold my dad's hand and walk. At this age (24), I play in the road or the sidewalk with my friends when we're ramping about in our regular city or a new city. I miss the relationships I have in England.

Being alone has it's perks. But being this alone isn't good. I believe in people and contact. I believe in love and laughter. I believe in positive affirmations and honestly negative segments of a day. I believe in the kids I teach but I also believe in balance between work and a happy personal (social) life.

This evening, if you can, I'd like to ask you to do something. Take a short walk somewhere, clear your head, look at your surroundings and assess how you feel. Notice the air, the sounds, the noise, the emotions emanating from around you- even if it's your usual walk to the supermarket- just pay attention. Let me know how you feel, okay? It's good to catch yourself and have some quiet time.

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