#WCW To the Women

One thing I'm in awe of God with is how He crafted 'woman'. From His mind He saw that we were essential to balance and nurture this world. I know from experience that women build up women and that's where some of the strength comes from.

I've wanted to do several appreciative posts to specific women but the US Women's March last weekend reminded me that we're all great. We are so great that life starts with us, we have the natural superpower of (potentially) giving birth, even if not physically just look at women CEO'S who launch babies/businesses into the WORLD!  I'm currently looking at Myliek (founder of Curlbox and watching her podcasts here.)

I see how some of you struggle publicly or privately but still put your best forward. You may be on meds but still raising your family, you may have been kicked out by everyone but still found hope and are working your way up to CEO. You may have lived well but slipped up with a substance, came back and are now giving back. I truly admire, throw roses and applaud you. Yet when I wonder about asking how you did/do it? I stop, because that would be telling and I know it's because You were made for Greater. (Also I transform into a serial interviewer to note every step of the process! But send me house/apt deetz✏)

Today and everyday, keep on being an example as you empower me to stay real and overcome! 💞

Published by Kirah Grand

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