Words from the mouth

Words from the mouth

Sep 16, 2017, 3:14:18 PM Opinion

Have you read the Four Agreements by Don Ruiz? If not, please do, it’s a short book and you can find each part on Youtube. I suggest you read that or order it when you can!

Now in that book it talks about being impeccable with your word. Being clear about what you speak out there and be intentional with it. If you speak negativity, expect it to come back around; if you speak positivity, expect that too! I read this around the first few days of January and have made a conscious decision to speak positive words and actions for myself and pertaining to others. This tied into my new flow of daily affirmations which I started last Christmas thanks to trialsntresses on ig! Morning affirmations help to set the tone of your day and give you focus on yourself (or others) and they slightly come back to you through the day. Within their mini 21 day movement there were other gratitude thoughts to think on before saying the affirmations and in the evening as you mentally evaluated. I suggest you start doing affirmations or reading Daily devotions for men or women or young people or new adults. I don’t have many suggestions as I’m still looking for myself but have been told about these:

I declare by Joel Osteen

YouBible Version on the appstore has great Bible plans

Acts of Faith-Iyanla Vanzant

Cindy Trimms- Commanding your morning

So after you read the Don Ruiz book, take time to research an affirmation book or find a set list for the next 3 months you could say daily.

I believe in seeing things and seeing words and having words around you are helpful, hence we have notice boards in offices and homes to keep us focused. If you can, find a few quotes and scriptures you can have on sticky notes around parts of the room(s) you often look at or walk past.

Funnily I sat and caught up on some preaching and they all spoke about the power of words, I’ll summarise below in line with this message:

  • When you wake up in the morning early often, don’t get frustrated (as I used to during my insomniac days), use that time to command your morning and be specific with your words and daily goals. Speak life into your day and your situations I tend to now use morning affirmations and set 2 goals for the day that are achievable if I get up by noon. It’s simple but beneficial.
  • Decide and choose to kill other options and believe in your decision (chosen option). Decide to make steps towards completing your goals, building your dreams and setting your life up for the one best lived by you. This comes onto purpose, but I’m not going there today.
  • Consistently do things. For example, consistently wake up early to speak over your day and make plans for your day, read daily or exercise daily and stop snacking. Daily doing this repeatedly for a long period of time leads to success: goals met, more information gained, a better body and healthier alternatives. I suggest you start small with a morning and evening activity and then work your way up to a more or less complete daily routine that leads to your success.

The links above start near the message or are useful articles

That’s it really. Use your words, command your day, set small goals for that day that lead to your overall goals and be consistent!

Be a better you than you were yesterday xx

Originally written January 2017.

Published by Kirah Grand

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