BALDSKI - KSI Goes Bald for No.1 Bestseller

BALDSKI - KSI Goes Bald for No.1 Bestseller

KSI stuck to his word and has gone bald at the hands of his fellow sidemen after tweeting that he would shave his hair.

If the sidemen book reaches number 1 in the best sellers, I will go bald. #BaldSKI

— KSI [SDMN] (@KSIOlajidebt) 16 October 2016

Olajide "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI released a video this morning after fellow Sidemen, Simon, Vik, and Josh shaved his hair off for all subscribers to see.

Sidemen: The Book was released on the 20th of October 2016 and reached number 1 within the first week, during the SDMN UK book tour.

The video was posted with the description being a sad face and the look of regret on his face is certainly evident in the video. He just knows he is going to be turned into memes across Twitter and Tumblr, much like his last disastrous hair cut.


As much as I am a fan of KSI, his fans have not disappointed me with the memes. They were definitely worth the scroll through this morning.

Massive amounts of respect to JJ for sticking to his word though as many wouldn't - especially if they knew people would refer to their head as 'google earth' or that people on twitter would tweet them as a Malteser meme.

The SDMN boys seemed to enjoy shaving him though, they certainly gave him a lot of "experimental" looks.


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