5 Ways To Feel Your Best

Feeling your best isn’t always as easy it sounds. It can be hard to be positive, plucky, friendly, nice and yourself every second of the day. Sometimes it can all become too much. Work and the pressure of it, is often a trigger for not feeling great and as work is such a big part of so many people’s lives, that kind of sucks.

Personally work isn’t always what I want to be. Obviously I want it to be fun, I want it to inspire me, I want to have an amazing time there and I want it to be like that every single day. Unfortunately it doesn’t always. Work isn’t always what I want it to be and I’m sure a lot of people will feel the same way. I struggle with taking it personally when customers are rude to me, I struggle with the pace of day, the attitude of people, the way things turn out.

I don’t want work to dominate my life like this. Especially when it’s not something I’m passionate about. Blogging and university are things I’m passionate about and in order to stop moping about how work is ruining my life (it’s not ruining my life, I’m being dramatic), I’m adopting a strategy plan to help me feeling the sassiest, smartest, most sophisticated version of myself.

I want to feel fire about myself all the damn time. We shouldn’t let the places we spend time or the people who enter our lives (however brief) define our day or our week or even just an hour of our time. Here’s five tips to help you feel your best when life and work just keeps getting you down!

1. Don’t Forget Your Dream

The work you’re doing at the moment might just be a temporary thing for you at the moment. A means to an end. If that’s the case, or even if it’s not, don’t forget what you initially believed you could do. It’s still possible. Who is there to say it’s not? Be the person five-year-old-you wanted to be. Giving up on your dream is the first stage of defeat.

2. Keep Searching For Ways To Keep Your Dream Alive

Okay so we’ve established things might not be going your way BUT you’re willing to keep dreaming. Now you need to search for something to make it still possible. Keep searching for something. That something might be a new job opportunity. Trawl the job websites, keep your eye on social media, ask around. It might something slightly different, it might be making new friends and meeting new people. Friends and people mean contacts and your new friend might just give you a helping hand a few years down the line. Or do some volunteering. If you can’t make your own day a bit better on your own, you can do that by making someone else’s. Look for volunteering opportunities in your community or kill two birds with one stone and maybe there’s some available in your workplace? But if all of it is just too much, take a trip. Go to a city and explore somewhere new or head to a faraway island and forget for a little while. Go on, you deserve it.

3. Go To Work Feeling How You Look

If you look like a sassy, independent, know-what-you-want kind of girl, you are going to be that kind of girl. Do your hair how you like it for work. Wear make-up to work. Apply lots of eye-shadow or a sassy red lip. Wear a killer outfit or if you wear a uniform, make it killer. When I got into work feeling like the flame emoji, I work better. I feel good about myself so if a customer is rude to me and acts like I killed their cat, their bad attitude doesn’t get me down. Because I know that’s not what defined me.

4. Make Plans For After Work Or Your Days Off

Having something to look forward to is an instant winner. During school we all looked forward to birthday parties, play-dates and summer holidays. So why should that change in adulthood? It shouldn’t. Have a trip planned. Or a date with a friend. Or even just a phone call scheduled with your mum. Having things to look forward to afterwards can get you through a bad day.

5. Build A Good Support Network

See all those new friends you’ve made? They can join your support network! Having people who have got your back, care about your future, have time to listen and take time off with, you need those good people. They are your family or the family you’ve chosen for yourself. These people won’t give up on you, so why should you?

I’m now off to make myself look awesome for work and have a great day! You can read more from me on The Monday Project.  

Published by Kirsty Hebdon


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