College - 6 Things You Need For Your Room

College - 6 Things You Need For Your Room

College or university as we call it in the UK, is a pretty big thing. It's a time of change, movement, new perspectives. It can be about a fresh start or a new beginning or it can be another feature to who you are. One thing it definitely is is scary. Scary but exciting. It can be unsettling, make you nervous and not like yourself. But once you are settled in, it can be the most amazing thing in the world. 

Moving to a big city or a sprawling campus is a pretty daunting thought and I personally felt very overwhelmed when I left my home in the peaceful Scottish Borders to the hustle and bustle of Scotland's biggest city. Glasgow is alive in so many different ways and I often felt like an  outsider looking in, not quite sure where my place was in this huge jigsaw of people. My little room in my halls (dorms in the UK) was kind of a sanctuary which is a peculiar thought considering how disgusting and drab they are but it was a little centre of silence amongst the noise. Your room is your place in your new world. So make it perfect and banish all negative thoughts with these six things you need for making it feel like home.

1. Family/Friends/Life Photographs

The walls in these places are horribly plain and a dirty shade of white. Make them colourful and unique to you by sticking up lots of photographs of your family and friends and your life up until how. It's a good way to not as feel as alone in  your new life and will also be good conversation starters if you are hanging out with people in your room. You can stick them up with blue tac or pins but these do leave marks so maybe try washi tape? It's super cheap and easily available on Amazon/Ebay and I wish I'd discovered it last year! 

2. Postcards/Tickets/Flyers

This is another fun and easy way to add some character to your room. During Fresher's Week (orientation week) I picked up lots of flyers for events and clubs which I just stuck up in my room. They were often very bright in colour and had cool pictures on them so it was an easy way to redecorate. I'm also a big fan of postcards which have a fun or inspirational quote on them. They are nice ways to show your personality and in the UK you can pick them up for 70p in Paperchase. I also love ordering these of Etsy because they have almost every saying imaginable on them! 

3. Colourful Duvet Sets

If white, black and grey is more your thing - cool. But if it isn't, really brighten up your room with some sassy, funky, colourful like a paint can exploded on them duvet cover. You will not regret this. It will instantly spice up your room and make it seem more colourful and homely. Also duvets are good for snuggling. 

4. An Abundance Of Blankets

You can never have to many blankets, that is a well known scientific fact. When you are having a down day or are just super exhausted from classes or you are just really cold, a blanket can fix all of this. So why have one when you can have three? Some can even double as picnic rugs! Have them in lots of different colours and in lots of different patterns! Just definitely have at least two.

5. Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights are beautiful yet subtle way to add some decor into your room. I like to put fairy lights around a doorway or a window as they don't look out of place and it looks super cute. You can buy battery powered strings as well which makes it a lot easier. 

6. Bunting

Bunting is another way to add some subtle decor similing to fairy lights. In the UK this is easily available in places such as TIger and Primark but also easily available on Amazon and Ebay. Bunting is super fun and can be an easy way to add colour into your room! 

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Published by Kirsty Hebdon

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