Four Things To Do In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a beautiful city and whilst I was there in June, I got both a college and tourist experience. A lot slower and historic than New York, Philadelphia has a unique and special charm to the place. I definitely plan on returning and I understand why so many people make it their home. I was only there for three days so I’ve condensed this post into four things to do there if like me, you don’t have much time!

1. Reading Terminal Market

A food stop and attraction all in one go. Killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Take some time to wander around this magical haven of food and pick something super delicious for a snack. Reading Terminal Market is a huge indoor food market right in the heart of Philly and offers Chinese food to seafood to donuts to fresh fruit and vegetables. There really is something for everyone and it’s  great place to try if everyone in your party is fancying something different! I would love to be able to shop here every week and it’s a really wonderful unique place to visit if you find yourself with some time to spare and are also feeling peckish.

2. The Magic Garden Philadelphia

I’m not a huge art lover. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it but there are just other things I’d rather do than go to art galleries when I’m in a city on holiday. However I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the Magic Garden and the story behind it. A beautiful, magical, unique place and a truly tranquil spot in the bustling city. You can just sit and enjoy the beauty of the place and it’s a great place to take lots of photographs!

3. LOVE Square

Before going to Philadelphia, the iconic “LOVE” sign was the only thing I knew was there. Obviously I knew Philadelphia was steeped in history and is a big, bustling city but I couldn’t actually name any attractions. The historian in me is embarrassed that I didn’t know what the Liberty Bell was. LOVE Square is a really fun thig to visit and a great place to snap some photographs! We saw a few couples kissing underneath it whilst we there which was “awwww”. LOVE Square is also in centre city so it’s an easy place to stop by and grab some photos of if you are short on time!

4. Visit Old City

You can’t go to one of the most historic cities in America and not visit the historic Old City. Things to do include seeing the Liberty Bell and the house of the lady who designed the iconic “Stars and Stripes” flag. Great place to really get to know Philadelphia and pick up all your touristy souvenirs! We spent an afternoon pondering around the Old City, checking out the tourist attractions, browsing in adorable boutique stores and finding picturesque walls to take photographs in front of.

Philadelphia is a beautiful city and I feel very blessed to have spent some time there (as small as it was). I definitely plan on returning in the next year years so if anyone has any recommendations let me know!

Sorry for the briefness of the post, life is very busy at the moment and I won’t be posting for a whole week starting from the 10th September as I’m going on holiday and won’t have an internet connection! Thanks for reading and as always, you can read more from me on The Monday Project. Hope to see some of you there! 

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