How To Find Inspiration Without Really Trying

So I'm doing this thing. 

Blogging and writing for me has kind of always been a passion whilst at the same time, it's something totally new to me and I'm forever feeling up to neck and going under. Ever since I was little, I've been scribbling in notebooks, making up tall tales, creating characters I wanted to be and spinning something special for myself. As I've grown I've stopped writing about a magical people in a faraway lands and I've started writing about my life, about things I love, things I do, what other people do and what inspires me. My inspiration and mindset has changed therefore my writing has changed. 

I've stopped looking for what I thought was going to inspire me. I've stopped searching for the "perfect" thing. I'm trying this new thing where I be myself. I know, it sounds a horrible idea right? I've started writing how I speak, the sentences I write are exactly formed like something I would say. I'm covering topics important to me, that interest me, that fulfil something for me. My writing and my work is becoming me. It's just a reflection of myself. If the internet could be people, my blog would be me. 

Inspiration is a fickle thing. We are always searching for it. We are always seeking it out. Somehow we have it hardwired into our brains and our mindsets that a project needs inspiration in order to succeed. And of course it does. But if it's really inspiration why is a pain-staking task to suss it out? Surely inspiration should come from somewhere unexpected. The best kind of inspiration is that that takes you by surprise. The type that puts a 360 spin on your plans and sends you off on a journey to an unknown destination. The type of trip you take without prior warning. One you can't tell your friends about until it's happened. Because it was that quick, that unexpected, the inspiration  that you didn't find, it came to you. 

I didn't have plans to be a blogger or a writer. It's a path I kind of just fell into. I started reading blogs because I enjoy reading and also because I'm hella nosy and HELLO I wanna know exactly what they had for lunch the other day. As I read blogs, I realised what cool, sassy, independent, do-what-they-want, inspirational people these writers and bloggers were and I decided I could be like that too if I wanted. My blog and my writing has become my dream. It's one I'm willing to chase. One I'm willing to follow. And it's not something I had to search for. It just kind of happened. 

To find your inspiration and your dream, stop searching. It's like if your single and searching for a boyfriend, you look kind of desperate. Don't look desperate for your inspiration. It'll come to you and when it does, you won't have five seconds to stop and think about it because you'll be too busy being an independent and super cool person to worry about anything else. I'm not saying give up, don't ever give up unless the thing you are giving up stops being important and something way better is there instead. I'm saying relax, chill, go with the flow. Follow leads, do everything you do normally, stop wearing rose-tinted glasses and be yourself. When I started to become myself, I let myself become interested in my passions and follow them. Then I got to write about them. It's simple really, just be yourself. 

That's the key finding inspiration without really trying, being yourself. 

Thank you for reading and you can find more words from me over at my blog The Monday Project

Published by Kirsty Hebdon


Nov 10, 2017, 3:52:55 AM

I agree, inspiration comes and goes. You read a few quotes on inspiration and you get a buzz. Then it falls down. I find that its important to use gratitude as a way to stay inspired. That or coffee will keep me motivated!

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