Wake Up It's A Beautiful Monday

Wake Up It's A Beautiful Monday

Aug 23, 2016, 12:15:44 AM Life and Styles

"Returning to the grind" is an expression I heard on the radio this evening whilst driving home from being out for dinner with friends. The DJ was complaining about returning to work the following morning (even though he was at work whilst moaning, confused anyone? I was) and this expression has stuck with me since. I don't ever return to the grind on Mondays. Because I'm a weekend warrior who works weekends (wow what a beautiful alliteration) and my "weekend" usually falls on a Wednesday. But so many people do. It's a universal feeling. The "oh-no-it's-Monday-tomorrow" vibe that rattles off millions of people worldwide. Everyone is of the opinion that Monday's suck. The day of the week nobody wants to be referred to us. "Oh my god your such a Monday" is quite an insulting insult yes? 

But why?

Tuesday's can be as much of a struggle as Monday's, even worse in some cases. I'm trying to promote a "be positive, love life, embrace everything" lifestyle from my platform here on My Trending Stories, on my own blog The Monday Project and in my everyday life. The kind of negativity surrounding Monday is actually kind of sad. Monday is essentially the start of a new week and in many ways, can be treated as a fresh start or a second chance. They signal the start of something new or the return of something old. It's a great opportunity to do something different in the following week. Join that club you've been talking about going to. Start eating more greens. Meet up with new friends or old ones you haven't seen in a while. Go swimming twice this week. When I start a challenge, I prefer to do it on a Monday because I have this "fresh start" mindset. Honestly believe me when I say this, it makes everything SO MUCH EASIER. 

But what is the grind?

In the funny old world of work, we're taught to love and thrive on our days off and be stifled and down when we're in the office, on the street, in wherever you work. But why? Who cares if you've spent every Monday since who knows when in an office. Why does that mean it has to suck? Why does your Sunday evening have to blighted by the Monday feeling creeping in over your shoulder? You know, the one where you feel mildly sick by all the things you have to organise before Monday rolls in again? Make your lunch. Tidy up. Make sure your clothes are washed. Or if you are me, write a quick blog post from My Trending Stories. I jest. Kind of. 

Whilst work or obligations can't always be what we want them to be, try not to let this ruin your week. Having a positive start to something can do wonders in seeing something through. When I was interested in horses, my mum always said your show jumping round would go well if you made it over the first jump. Start your week off on a high or a positive or even just with a smile on your face and the week to follow will be a lot more to your liking. 

We shouldn't let an age-old feeling of returning to the grind prevent us from having a wonderful and productive Monday. Don't let the feeling ruin your chilled Sunday evening. Maybe to fix this do something different this week? Make your Monday fabulous for you. Make it action-packed or chilled-out. Make it loud and crazy or make it peaceful and still. Monday should be like any other day of the week but most importantly, make it for you.

Have a lovely week everyone and I'll catch up with you all on Friday! 

And remember, wake up it's a beautiful morning! 

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