Writer's Block

What is writer’s block?

Sometimes I’m not exactly sure. Google describes it as a condition of being unable to think or what to write or how to proceed with a novel. I’m not writing a novel and I’m thinking about plenty of things (my holiday to Spain, going back to Glasgow, plans for next semester, CHRISTMAS) but I cannot think at all when it comes to my writing.

I’ve been struggling with producing content for My Trending Stories. I’m so incredibly honoured that they asked me to be a part of this as it’s exactly the thing I want to be doing AND they haven’t realised I’m a bit of a bumbling numpty at times (BONUS) but I just don’t what to write. I don’t know what I’m expected to write. On my blog it’s easy, I talk about my life. But I don’t want to just recreate my blog’s content in different words because that’s not how it should work in that department.

At the moment I’m just talking about things I want to talk about. I talked about finding inspiration when I was feeling particularly inspired. I shared some tips on feeling good about yourself after I had a super good week. I raved about Wild by Cheryl Strayed after her book had a huge impact on my life. And this week I’m writing about writer’s block because man I am suffering from it bad.

I have loads to talk about. Loads I want to discuss on My Trending Stories. But at the moment I’m in limbo with my life. I’m almost finished with my summer job, almost moving out of my childhood home (again) but not quite back at university, not quite back with my friends, not quite moved back into Glasgow. It’s making things awkward. It’s making me stressed, on edge and nervous for the unknown.

I like to be settled. I like routine, organisation, a plan. I like planning my content. I like being organised for My Trending Stories but at the moment I can’t seem to shower on time let alone write a half-decent article someone will want to read. I want my profile on My Trending Stories to be perfect. I want it to be brilliant, funny, smart and represent me. I can’t seem to manage that at the moment and it’s making me feel like a tenth of the person I am.

Since writer’s block is all I seem to think about right now I decided to base Monday’s post around that topic. I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for about a month now and it is kind of beginning to fade. Since this is the case, I thought I’d share a couple of tips for getting over it and if that’s not quite yet possible, making it a little bit easier to brainstorm!

  1. Make a mind map with all the topics you want to discuss. For example I have food, travel, literature and inner thoughts. These are all the topics I want to discuss on My Trending Stories and I am going to align each category with a certain date. Therefore in a couple of weeks time for example I will produce a food related article for Monday 19th September. DONE. I can get brainstorming then. By assigning a category, it narrows done my options and ideas and my brain doesn’t feel as chaotic.
  2. Look around yourself and your life for inspiration. Recently when I’ve been struggling with writer’s block, I’ve been reading a tonne of books. So what do I write about? Book reviews! I’ve already done this with Wild so I’ll hopefully do this with a couple more. I’ve also got a couple of trips lined up so I’ll probably write about these chaps at some point as well!
  3. Keep calm. Writer’s block is not the end of the world. If you are writing fiction, try a blast at non-fiction. If you’re writing an article on the Olympics, try something totally different such as Gossip Girl to blow off some steam. I started writing this article as Six Things To Look Forward To In September but I couldn’t think of anything I enjoyed about autumn which is such a lie as I love autumn. So I started blowing off steam by typing about writer’s block and this post kind of just formed. So this tip sort of works!

Happy writing everyone and as always you can read more from me on The Monday Project. 

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