How Teeth Whitening Kits Helps To Treat Discoloured Teeth

How Teeth Whitening Kits Helps To Treat Discoloured Teeth

Apr 13, 2021, 3:40:47 PM Life and Styles

We are born with perfectly white teeth. Even when we lose our milk teeth, the adult teeth that grow are white as pearls. However, as we age, the teeth start losing their glory and become discoloured and stained. Here are several things that affect the luminosity of teeth. Fortunately, it’s possible to maintain the whiteness of your teeth with the right teeth whitening kits

Before you start working on your teeth health, it is important that you know everything about teeth discolouration. There are several reasons for teeth losing their shine and this post have a detailed account of teeth discolouration, its causes and ways to prevent it. So, let’s get started:

What is teeth discolouration?

Teeth lose their natural shine with age but there are several other elements that can result in premature teeth discolouration. If your teeth look yellow, stained and discoloured, you are dealing with a teeth discolouration problem. The upper, protective layer of the teeth is known as enamel. With exposure to a variety of elements, the enamel may get destroyed or sustain stains. Tweaking your dietary habits and lifestyle can offer you great help and thankfully the results are proven. 

Common causes of teeth staining. 

A range of lifestyle factors and dental problems affect the enamel and limiting the exposure can prove helpful. Some common causes include

Food and drinks:

Coffee, tea, colas, wines, and food items rich in starch can cause teeth staining. Also, sugar-rich food items and processed food can affect the dental enamel significantly. 


Smoking and chewing tobacco have the worst effects on the teeth. The stains from tobacco are the most stubborn and ugly. 

Poor dental hygiene

If you are not regular with your dental cleaning regime, you can see the effects on your teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing your teeth is recommended. 

Dental problems

A wide range of dental problems can also affect your teeth and make them yellow and stained. The dental diseases that affect the enamel and denting have prominent effects on the teeth’s colour. Radiation and chemotherapy have ill effects on teeth. Also, pregnancy can affect the dental enamel of the mother. 


There are several drugs that are known for their ill effects on the teeth. Popular antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline hinders enamel development in young kids. Other medicines that have chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride are also harmful. 

How to treat discoloured teeth?

The best way is to reach out to a teeth whitening shop and buy the best teeth whitening kits. You must also follow a strict dental hygiene routine and avoid the food and beverages that affect your teeth colour. Frequent dental visit for regular checkup is also a great way to avoid any dental problem and related teeth discolouration. 

At Eurowhite, we are a leading teeth whitening shop with a wide range of natural teeth whitening kits available. You can trust us for our teeth whitening products and enjoy a perfect smile with your pearly whites all intact.

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