How To Ensure Safety When Undergoing Percussion Therapy?

How To Ensure Safety When Undergoing Percussion Therapy?

Aug 19, 2021, 8:02:21 AM Life and Styles

Massage therapy has always been helpful in many ways. People who have tried percussion therapy clearly state how magical it felt to use the massage gun on their back, neck, or legs. There are many names for percussion therapy including vibration therapy, or percussive therapy. This modern style of massage accentuates the benefits of traditional massage and is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The percussion massager helps prevent stiffness and soreness to promote physical performance.

While percussion therapy offers a myriad of benefits, it is best to let the muscles heal on their own in certain situations. Hence, you must know what and whatnot, a percussion massage can treat.

When is percussion therapy the best option?

It is important to note that massage guns are highly effective on sore and stiff muscles. As the therapy is based on the effects of vibration on the muscles, the recovery mechanism is very quick and effective. Moreover, it has also been concluded that percussion massagers are a great aid in eliminating workout-related muscle soreness.

People dealing with fibromyalgia also enjoy great relief in pain management when they rely on percussion therapy. The massage helps in the effective management of chronic pain situations.

When using a massage gun is not advisable?

As effective as percussion therapy is, there are certain situations where using a massage gun is not an effective measure. Certain injuries or conditions can get worse with a self-administered percussion massage.

Muscle strains:

Also known as a pulled muscle, muscle strains are the outcome of the sudden or extensive motion. This is the condition when the muscle tissue gets torn because of excessive pressure. If you have suffered a strained muscle, using a percussion gun can make it worse. It is best to seek a doctor’s advice and follow the instructions.

Muscle sprains

If you have an active lifestyle, sprains may be a part of it too. When you have an overstretched or torn ligament, it is a muscle sprain. You may hear a pop-like sound when the ligament is affected. If this happens, do not use a percussion massager and instead reach to a medic.

Inflammation-related injuries

Inflammation-related injuries must be left alone and treated as per the doctor’s advice. Some of the common inflammation-related injuries that must not be treated with a massage gun include:

1-     Tendinitis

It is a condition in which the tendons get inflammation.

2-     Bursitis

When the bursae get inflammation, the condition is known as Bursitis.

3-     Fasciitis

Inflammation of the Fascia is known as Fasciitis.

4-     Periostitis

The inflammation condition of the periosteum is known as Periostitis.


Besides all these conditions, using a massage gun on broken bones is also not recommended. If you have sustained an injury that creates doubt of broken bones, it is best to reach a doctor and seek medical advice.

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