Infrared Light Therapy Benefits That You Must Know

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits That You Must Know

Infrared Light Therapy has earned a great reputation as a therapy that offers wholesome benefits for the human body. It is a chemical-free, drug-free and side effects-free way to rejuvenate the largest organ of your body- the Skin. Unlike the chemical-rich creams and activators, the LED light rays penetrate the skin and activate cellular activity from within. There is nothing toxic about the treatment and you can enjoy better results than ever.

It is also a painless, non-ablative and non-invasive procedure that offers a myriad of skincare benefits. From boosting the production of fibroblasts and collagen to treating facial wrinkles and other signs of ageing, Infrared Light Therapy takes the best care of your skin. Let us discuss the benefits in detail.

Best Skin Treatment with Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light penetrates the skin deeply and induces cellular activity which further boosts the blood supply to the skin’s surface. The increase in the blood supply results in more nutrients and oxygen being supplied to the skin surface. The high cellular activity increases the production of fibroblasts and collagen that offers a wide range of skin correction results and prevention from a wide range of skin problems. If your aim is healthier and glowing skin, you must trust Infrared light therapy for skin.

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits includes treatment and prevention of:

  • Acne and Inflamed Acne Marks
  • Bites
  • Bruises
  • Minor burns
  • Cuts, scrapes and wounds
  • Dry Skin and Psoriasis
  • Scars and Stretch marks
  • Sun Damage
  • Wrinkles

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits for Pain

Infrared Light Therapy has the ability to boost the healing ability of the skin which means wounds and injuries heal faster. It is also very helpful in reducing inflammation. With correct Infrared Light Therapy, the problems with joint movements can be eliminated which is very helpful for those dealing with arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other forms of joint pains. People dealing with fibromyalgia can also enjoy Infrared Light Therapy benefits.

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits for Hair

Infrared Light Therapy has proven beneficial for hairs too. The right red light wavelength is way more effective than the laser therapy used to stimulate hair follicle growth. You can kick start your hair growth with Infrared Light Therapy.

However, it is important to take due consideration into account when using Infrared Light Therapy for hair growth. When the hair follicle absorbs the visible red light, the hair follicle gets stimulated and shows instant growth results. The natural biological reaction resulted from the absorption of Wavelengths between 630 and 670 nanometers is recommended by the experts. If you are dealing with temporary hair loss due to medication, surgery, the stress of any such related reason, you must rely on Infrared Light Therapy.

Infrared Light Therapy Benefits for Weight Loss

Last but not the least, Infrared Light Therapy is helpful in losing that extra weight. When shone on the fatty areas of the body, the light affects the fat cells, making them dump their content. The fat is converted to carbon dioxide which is eliminated from the body through urine, breathing out as well as defecating.

Infrared Light Therapy has multiple benefits but the key to success lies with the right application and therapy process.

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