Clean Cars with Batteries or Hydrogen to Save Us from Those Denying Climate Change

Clean Cars with Batteries or Hydrogen to Save Us from Those Denying Climate Change

Oct 30, 2017, 4:29:03 PM News

The Paris Climate Change Accords has taken on a whole new significance. The main reason being withdrawal of America by Donald Trump. This bombshell has come just when United Nations schedules the biggest, most promising agreement of international importance.

No one really expected it to come true as Donald Trump campaigned and said he would do it. Now that he has taken office, the official White House website has removed every mention of climate change, except for the promise to get rid of the Climate Action Plan. The astonishing part is that Republicans in the Congress are unitedly showering praise on him. The President has all like-minded people around him.

The head of Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt has worked with polluters and combatted hard for pollution, either for animal waste or for power plant emissions.

Rex Tillerson, his Secretary of State, Ex-CEO of Exxon-Mobil had approved the company releasing false figures about its costs. However, after working for the largest private oil company in the world he has the grace to admit that climate change is real.

Do we have anything to fall back on except despair as Trump drags the U.S. backwards?

Yes, Hydrogen cars have zero emissions!

A car that leaves only water vapor as a trail as it passes by could well be fighting for human civilization. Hydrogen fuel cell powered cars combine hydrogen with oxygen to generate electric power emitting only water vapor. A pipe dream and a fantasy as late as 2014, they have become a reality today.

The sunshine state California is driving them. Over 1,400 Toyotas are on the road. Honda declares it has marketed 200 of its competitor during January to June this year. California already boasts 30 filling stations. Hydrogen cars show a range of 300+ miles, refuel as fast as conventional cars and can get around the state securely. 

Despite Donald Trump’s refusal to take part in Paris Climate Change Accords, liberal politicians in Europe, China, India and motor companies such as General Motors are doing everything to save the planet.

The Northeast from Long Island to Brooklyn and the Bronx, in New Jersey and on up to Boston are getting twelve hydrogen stations. It won’t be long before hydrogen cars are running here too. While Toyota and Honda are betting on this car technology in a big way, Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz are not lagging in their efforts. The Pininfarina accelerates to 62mph in 3.4 seconds, goes 186mph, and refuels in three minutes. A Welsh Start-up Riversimple promises UK residents hydrogen cars shortly.

Majority of leading car finance companies acknowledge that future will bring something radically different from straight-up internal combustion engine driven vehicles of the past.

Matthias Muller, head of Volkswagen, bets his $10 bn. on the future driving to go electric.

The auto wars are heating up for the future where batteries vs hydrogen driven vehicles will battle it out on the production line and the roads!

In spite of GM making its mark with hydrogen cars, it is investing more in battery cars. Bolt, fully electric car has range of more than 200 miles and costs about $30,000 with the $7,500 federal rebate. Tesla claims it has sold more than 80,000 electric cars in 2016.

Donald Trump is going on and on about how the rest of the world is taking advantage of Americas. He is adamant that the Climate Change Agreement would harm America the most in the immediate future while other countries will have it easy. Climate change politics have fallen in a trench of lies, confusion, and delusion, fueled by big oil, big money, and ideology.

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