How to Get Enviable Bouncy Hair with Your Daily Hair Care Routine?

How to Get Enviable Bouncy Hair with Your Daily Hair Care Routine?

Feb 26, 2019, 9:43:38 PM Life and Styles

Having gorgeous and bouncy hair is the dream of every girl. Some girls are naturally blessed with it for which their genes are responsible. But what about the majority of girls who crave to have bouncy hair to flaunt a glamorous look even with a plain outfit or everyday look? Obviously good hair makes you look beautiful even if you haven’t spend much time in your makeup or outfit. So spending time in your daily hair care routine to get healthy and shiny hair is not at all a time waste and is worthy by all means. Now, you must be wondering how to get bouncy hair?

Well, here we have 3 simple tips which you can include in your daily routine to give your hair the required care and nourishment, they are basically a natural replacement to the best hair oils. These are really simple steps to include in your daily routine. You might feel lazy at times to follow these steps but trust me they will get you the required results for your hair.

  1. Using an egg shampoo regularly

We all know how healthy is to include egg in our diet because it is an important source of proteins. Similarly, using an egg shampoo will provide protein to your hair which will boost its health. Eggs contain biotin, iodine, pantothenic acid, selenium and vitamin B12 which together help to give shiny and healthy hair.

Egg shampoo is like a blessing for thin or fine hair which crave thickness or bounce. Some people might cringe to use eggs on their head but just after the first wash you will fall in love with it as the results will be visible.

You can even make an egg shampoo at home if you don’t trust the products available at the market. Here’s the recipe:

Recipe: Take one or two eggs and whisk them. Now use this as a paste to be applied on your wet hair. Let the paste stay on your hair for 4 to 5 minutes and then later rinse off with cold water. This will clean your oily hair thoroughly and won’t even make it feel dry after the wash. So, in short if you have an oily scalp then you should definitely start using eggs for a hair wash. This will also add shine and bounce to your hair.

  1. Washing hair with Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Indian Gooseberry is widely used in India for improving hair health. It is a brilliant conditioning herb which has antioxidants like amino acids. It is effective in slowing down hair loss as it strengthens the hair. It is also useful in slowing down the growth of grey hair if you use it regularly for a couple of months.

How to use it?

Take 1 teaspoon of amla powder and 1 cup of water. Let the powder get soaked in it for a few hours. If you have more time then keep it for the whole night.  Strain the liquid later on. After you have cleaned your hair with shampoo apply this amla powder on your scalp and let it be there for at least 5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water. Using this regularly will make you hair thicker and shiny. With this method you can get the desired bounce which you want for your hair.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar With Warm Water

Rinsing hair with warm water that contains apple cider vinegar helps in making the hair bouncy. It happens because the surface of the scalp are the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum through hair follicle making the hair look oily and greasy. But if you will starting using apple cider vinegar mixed in warm water, then your hair will start looking non greasy and bouncy. Given below is how you can use apple cider vinegar water to make your hair bouncy.

Things You Need:

  • Warm Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Use It?

Take some water and pour it in a pan, boil the water until the bubbles come up. Add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to the water. Keep the water aside to cool down. First, wash your hair as usual with a mild shampoo. After doing the shampoo properly rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar water and then wash again with normal water to remove vinegars smell. Do it every time you wash your hair to get nourished and bouncy hair every time.

So, these were the 3 simple tips to get enviable bouncy hair with your daily hair care routine.

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