How to protect your business from burglary?

How to protect your business from burglary?

Mar 22, 2019, 9:52:48 PM Business

Business is the result of years of hard work, planning, and execution. It never feels good when your years of hard work get disturbed. In fact, the worst that can happen to you is when burglary or robbery takes place.

If we go by FBI reports, in the year 2012 around half a million businesses were burgled, not a good sign though. Burglary results in a lot of loss which can sometimes be recovered and sometimes it can take years to come back on track.

Always ensure that you have taken preventive measures to keep your business premise safe and secured.

Let us talk about some preventive measure below and we hope this will help you to gain some insight to hire the Top Atlanta locksmith today.

Think what is required

First of all, it is necessary to know what kind of security measures are important for your business. Take some time to think about it, after all, it is about your business’s security. This includes the kind of equipment that your company has which might be the first thing to get stolen. Access your building back and forth, and also keep an eye on the neighborhood too.

According to the U.S Department of Justice, you as a business owner should definitely consult with the local law enforcement and seek for their recommendations regarding the best business security plan.

On top of that, you should also speak to a locksmith in Suwanee to get advice as well. Analyze everything, your building, equipment, products, your locality, and more. After that, plan for the most effective approaches to have the best security measure at your premise and be safe.

Invest in good locks

Locks, as we all know, doesn’t keep our doors safe, but everything that is inside. Give a good reason for the would-be burglars and robbers that it is not possible to break-in. Other than protecting your commercial space, it also sends a message to everyone who trespasses your area, that you take security measures very seriously.

You should get in touch with Locksmith in Suwanee and get an advanced lock for the premise. Select the most modern and up-to-date one, which will make sure that before the burglar invests his energy in breaking in, the law enforcement catches him red-handed.

Modern-day locks are fitted with the in-built alarm system too, if someone tries to make a forced entry, the alarm gets activated letting everyone know that something unethical happening nearby. This will alert the police patrol who is on patrol. This way, your lock keeps your premise safe and also alert everyone. One lock and 2-in-1 solution.

Many unfortunately, still perceive locksmiths to be costly, whereas, to tell you the truth, they are relatively cheaper than what you would otherwise lose. We understand that some security forces do charge extra, but luckily, there are a few locksmith services available in the city which will give you affordable and highly competitive security services.

Another important point to note here is that you should always hire someone who has years of experience to prove and are professionals. There is no easy way or shortcuts when it comes to the security of your business.

Why deadbolt lock is the best investment

If you go by the reports, most of the business owner prefers deadbolt locks for their building. Deadbolt lock can be moved only by turning a key or knob and it happens without the action of a spring.

Basically, it is a kind of lock which can be opened only buying a knob or a key. This kind of lock is hard to temper or bored. They resist forced entry and hence are preferred by most of the homeowners as well as business owners in Suwanee and all over the world. There three kinds of deadbolt locks that you can go for- Single Cylinder Deadbolt, Double Cylinder Deadbolt, and Keyless Cylinder Deadbolt.

•    It is equipped with a unique locking mechanism which gives ultimate protection to your building against any kinds of forceful entry.

•    Standard locks are easy to break, but not deadbolts. They are almost impossible to break.

•    It will consume a lot of time of the burglar to break the deadbolt. This implies that a thief or a burglar won’t invest a lot of time to break the lock because it can attract attention.

Invest in Alarm and surveillance system- It’s a must!

Other than deadbolt locks, the next thing that you should invest money on is a strong alarm and surveillance system. The noisy alarm will leave no stone unturned to scare away the robber. An experienced robber or a burglar will come to know about this the minute he sees the security system. No one will dare to cross the line after seeing one. In fact, a better thing to do would be to invest in a silent alarm, don’t let the burglar know and catch him before he tries to loot some other building.

Also, avoid purchasing locks or alarm system which are common, do your research. Burglars are smart and they definitely come with experience, they might have the experience to open common locks.

You can also install motion detectors along with advanced security camera all over the premise. Alarms should be placed strategically too. Talk to an expert who will explore your building and guide you to install an alarm and surveillance system.

Extra tips for you:

•    Never keep cash in a place which is easily accessible. Make sure to keep all your cash in a place which is known to you and the most trusted person of your business.

•    If possible, try to keep as little cash as possible in the building. It’s anyhow not safe to keep cash like that even during the day.

•    Ensure to install plenty of lights outside your building too. Let your building glow from far away, so that if someone tries to break-in people will see him right away.

•    Always keep your doors locked from everywhere.

•    Hire night-duty guards.

Few last words

Ensure that your business premise is free from burglary. Crime won’t stop in a day. Unfortunately, we are living in an era where someone or the other is trying to loot the other person. Locksmith in Suwanee provides emergency, residential, and commercial locksmith service all over. Don’t wait and call them today.

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