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 Household appliances are the important appliances which are used in our household for the various day to day functions like cooking, cleaning, exercising, purifying, food preservation etc. Traditionally, home appliances are classified into:

 Major Appliances (or "White goods")

Small Appliances (or "Brown goods")

  • Brown goods are typically small household electrical entertainment appliances such as DVD players, Televisions, Cameras etc.
  • White goods comprise major household appliances and may include: Fridge, Air conditioner, Cooker, Gas stove, and Mixer Grinder etc.

Domestic electrical appliances:

Brown goods or domestic kitchen appliances are indicators of the changing consumer scenario in the post-liberalization economic environment. The major products constituting the brown goods market are mixers, grinders, irons, microwave ovens, rice cookers, water heaters or geysers, electric fans, and exhausts. The branded brown goods market has expanded at a significant pace and is expected to retain the momentum into the future as well. The market has been transformed by the entry of over a dozen new brands, moreover, competition has intensified. While the focus on price competency remains a key priority, players have also started focusing on other product features such as safety and total cost of ownership of the device. Goods, like the rice cooker, have been continuously growing in a slow and steady manner over a significant period of time, while microwave ovens have grown exponentially after the initial period of customization to local requirements.

Industry Size, Growth, and Trends:

The domestic home appliance is expected to grow by 10 percent on a compounded annual growth rate till 2022, according to the latest report, with the country having the potential to be one of fastest growing markets in the world in terms of consumption, manufacturing and job creation.  And along with the home appliance sector and more important industry that is taking place is the appliance repair sector.

Changes brought by technology in kitchen appliances:

Modern day technology has changed the way that we cook and eat in our kitchens. We can easily see this with the many gadgets and kitchen appliances found in kitchens all over the world. As kitchen technology has evolved, our dependence for such innovative products has also increased. With busy daily schedules, the technology used in kitchen appliances shapes our lifestyle because of the convenience they facilitate to prepare and cook healthier meals.

Brands of home appliances:

 A major appliance, or domestic appliance, is usually defined as a large machine which accomplishes some routine housekeeping task, which includes purposes such as cooking, food preservation, or cleaning, whether in a household, institutional or industrial setting. Most of the segments in this sector are characterized by intense competition, the emergence of new companies (especially MNCs) and the introduction of state-of-the-art models, price discounts and exchange schemes. MNCs continue to dominate the Indian consumer durables segment, which is apparent from the fact that these companies command more than 65 percent market share in the color television segment. Some of the common names are Philips, Kelvinator, Godrej, Samsung, Whirpool, etc.

With technology come both pros and cons. When problems with major home appliances occur, appliance repair technicians will usually make a site visit to visually inspect the appliance and make the repair. To determine the cause of the failure, they will check for unusual noises, excessive vibration, leakage of fluid, or loose parts. Technicians disassemble the appliance to examine its internal parts for signs of wear or corrosion. They follow service manual diagnostic procedures and use testing devices such as ammeters, voltmeters, and wattmeter’s to check for shorts and faulty connections.

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