Why Choose To Travel Asia to Explore Unseen Beauty

Why Choose To Travel Asia to Explore Unseen Beauty

Oct 31, 2018, 3:19:28 PM Opinion

Want to take a break from the busy life and looking for the perfect destinations where you can enjoy every bit even do not remembering anything. Asia has the world’s oldest culture, eye soothing architecture, natural landscapes, tempting foods, people and colorful environment which is famous across the world. Wherever, you will go while travel to Asia, will get the best and beautiful places which are magical and mesmerizing. Different cuisine and cultures are offered everywhere which are simply fascinating. Once you visit there, you are going to make lots of wonderful memories that you will cherish for lifetime. A perfect and right destination if you are planning for honeymooning or holidaying.

  • The Asian food- Asia, is well known for their cuisines which are diversified in nature.  This place is a combination of various cultures hence you can get all kind of food there. It is a perfect place for the foodies even the food lovers who never hesitate trying new recipes. Even they are cheapest in the world especially the street side also visiting the restaurants you can get so many options to eat along with world-class dining experience. Asian local foods are simply delicious and mouth-watering such as Pho, marinated prawns, authentic dumplings, Crispy Cam Ha pancakes or Dim Sum, all are prepared with the fresh local ingredients. They offer the taste that you will be never going to forget forever.   
  • The Asian history- This place is known for ancient empires and architecture. It has own historical history and unique charm. You can visit China and there, “the great wall of China” which is one of the world’s heritage. While visiting Japan, must visit places are Imperial Palace also known as “Edo Castle”, coastal Kanazawa, the Kinkaku-ji Temple, and the old Shogun residence which are famous for its architecture across the world. There are so many places and the historical place is “Vietnam”. Must visit places are the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, The University of Vietnam also, can enjoy cruising in the traditional sailing boat at night. Also, must visit places are Phuket, Singapore, Bali, Maldives, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Kyoto, Bangkok, Taipei, and many more places which you should definitely explore.
  • The Asian nature- Want to explore incredible Asia, then you have so many places to explore which you have never seen before. The real treasures are the landscapes such as Mount Fuji. Boating in Yangtze River is such a pleasant experience. The Three Gorges dam has a breathtaking view. Ha Long Bay is popular for its natural beauty. The beautiful nature is always appreciated by the visitors.

Asia is known as one of the most versatile destinations that have all the elements which can make you its fan. There is not a single place which is not able to grab your attention in anyway. There are huge lists of must-visit places while traveling Asia but it is advisable to do check online or contact the travel agency where you can get a complete idea and clear picture of the places which you want to visit during the vacation.

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Nov 15, 2018, 6:00:17 AM

Very true, Asia is a great place to visit, especially for nature lovers... You forgot to include the two beautiful destinations in India, Leh Ladakh and Kashmir Visit these two destinations in India and you would never regret it...and will always admire the beauty of these two places

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