Difference between Organic and Paid Digital Marketing

An efficient digital marketing company combines organic and paid internet marketing to get the best results for their clients. Before planning a marketing strategy, it is advisable to understand the differences between the two.

For most businesses, the goal of their digital marketing efforts is to boost sales and create an active customer base or network. Both of these can be achieved with organic and paid marketing. The point here is to understand where and when to use what.

What is the difference between paid digital marketing and organic digital marketing?

The most significant difference between organic and paid marketing is the cost. Organic marketing is done for free for a more extended period. It is done to achieve a credible result and attract relevant users. In fact, data shows that organic marketing, if done correctly, could fetch 51% more revenue than paid marketing.

Paid marketing is done to get instant results in a limited amount of time. It is quick and comes with a variety of budget options to get instant sales.

Ideally, to get a holistic result, digital marketing companies mix both of these at appropriate times for an optimal balance of engagement and sales.

Now that we have discussed the basic differences between organic and paid digital marketing, let us understand the most commonly used forms of these for a brand.

Different forms of organic digital marketing

Organic marketing generally focuses on the “awareness” stage of the sales funnel. There are several ways organic marketing is being done. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Search engine optimization or SEO

SEO is very popular and effective in the world of organic marketing. It is so important to focus on SEO because it is responsible for higher rank on search engines.

SEO services have grown immensely popular in the past few years. But it should be noted that SEO isn’t simply about choosing keywords. It combines title tags, backlinks, keywords, alt texts for images, and much more. All of the factors contribute to your website getting higher ranks in search engines, especially Google.

Content optimization

Relevant content is a must for increasing traffic to a website. Be it blogs, social media posts, articles, website content- keeping it fresh and updated is essential. 70% of the marketers believe that content SEO works best when the content itself is regularly updated with relevant information.

For instance, a spring look for 2020 will not be popular the following year, right? Same with content.

Social media engagement

Social media channels are a great way to stay connected with your customers. One of the best things about social media is that it allows you to interact with your customers directly, making them feel a part of a community.

You can opt for Live sessions for a new product, answer questions or concerns, retweet your followers’ tweets, play games or quizzes for coupons, and so on.

Many brands have been able to build a customer base with just social media engagement successfully.

Different forms of paid digital marketing

When it comes to paid marketing, budgeting can play a major role. There are several avenues where a business can invest in paid digital marketing, but one has to understand that each industry or brand needs a specific type of push.

Here are some of the most popular types of paid digital marketing. 


Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a way of bidding on popular keywords to get a higher ranking on SERP. One of the most popular platforms for SEM is Google Ads. SEM can be either PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand impressions).

SEM is often regarded as the paid form of SEO as it highly relies on keywords.


Pay-per-click or PPC accounts for around 65% “clicks” and has the potential of getting a considerable number of leads depending on your budget. Most digital marketing companies have a dedicated PPC management system to plan effective strategies and buy ads.

Video ads

Over the years, video ads have grabbed much attention, especially on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. 

Nowadays, customers are impatient—short informative videos have 50% more attention rate than long texts. Ideal for creating a visual story for a brand, customer engagement is very effective with video ads.

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