New Year 2017

New Year 2017

Jan 14, 2017, 8:00:59 PM Opinion

Parting from all your sorrows, stamping the greatest of fears under barefoot, slushing hearts and aching minds, bleeding eyes in crumbling pain, waving a goodbye forever; your last one, and thence fetching pace from the forgotten dreams left in vain, putting forth your leg once again gulping pain and drinking bitter despair for the throatily thirst and guzzling lies for the intestinal hunger, and gulping down those weird versions of filthy promises knowing not which to believe or rather having not another answer furnished better than a lie, you accept the garnished rusty words and move on, onto and into the new date over your new calendar... whoa! "The New Year"; beginning with a set of mystique chaos embedded with full of hopes and distilled glee, glistering desires and freshening sighs; blending the miraculous air suspended around into a pulp, simultaneously pricking random thoughts for the hopeful future holding mysterious swirls of life, inhale your first breath into the new beginning of another year on the promising surface of earth; awaits ahead a way out to all your sorrows, your choice to a chance, the second chance that you've been craving since forever, a path to your pinnacle, paved of all your hard spent sweat has been planted and is ready to fruit anon! All that you've sown is ready for the reap any moment now, hold your impetus and move forwards; a great surprise, a loving life for you awaits-deserted, reserved for you alone; now nobody can steal it from you, no darkness can hide it from your eyes, neither the gods can test you anymore, for they've found you worthy, for you're special and real, for you are indeed an honest soul! A year with all those boons you've ever asked for and with all the desires you've been longing to have fulfilled since along; wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.!

Published by Krishna Prasad

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