Shadow; a shade of the light

Shadow; a shade of the light

Jan 31, 2017, 11:58:37 PM Creative

There are colors to the blinding light
that leaves you stranded— unguarded,
the light that frightens you of staying in dark,
that tempts you into running— chasing;
the spark, hidden in the murky future that
you’re scared of— facing,
the light that leaves you alone,
which teaches you the worth of its own;
the light that demands your attention,
which forces you into craving for its consideration;
the light that you do not actually need,
which is actually the enemy—
beyond what you see;
the light that is so ravenous and
selfish, yet seemingly calm;
the light that tricks your mind,
which leaves its sign behind;
the light that is dark and bright—
fragile yet robust;
the light that is silent as night and
noisy as chaos;
the light that has faces;
that has colors, and
of all its great shades;
shadow is but the greatest of its colors.

-Known Stranger<3

Instagram: Knownstranger03

Published by Krishna Prasad

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