On this episode of the natural hair journey 😊

On this episode of the natural hair journey 😊

So, it’s been a month since my last post about my natural hair journey and I have to say, so far, so good. Many persons warned me about the cons of transitioning for more than 6 months and also pleaded with me to at least consider protective styles such as wigs and braids through the process. I am happy to report, still no wigs or braids. My new growth and relaxed ends are getting along just fine. Yes, we have good and bad days, but what healthy relationship doesn’t have these?


So, what have I been up to since the last post?


No length checks

Yes, I enjoy touching, loving and talking to my new growth every chance I get, especially when washing and moisturizing it, but have kept to my promise of not doing a length check. And this one I plan to keep!


I did change the products I was using .

I have a good reason though. I start to see ridiculous hair breakage. I am still not sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I have to say that moving from the previous products to using the As I am Naturally Long & Luxe Collection really helped. Another change I made was to add SheaMoisture Yucca and Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque as another deep conditioner that I alternate with my Maui Moisture Strength and Anti-Breakage Agave Hair Mask. As I was using this before and saw breakage, I am just finishing the container before continuing solely with the SheaMoisture. Next month I can tell you how things are going with this change, but so far, breakage is at a minimum.


I did a hair porosity test.

Hair porosity tells you how well your hair absorbs and holds moisture. So, I found out about the hair porosity test a long time ago when I had relaxed hair and discovered that my hair was low porosity. However, just to make sure, I re-did the test with some strands of my new growth. And guess what? My hair is low porosity.  This simply means that my hair cuticles are tightly closed and lie flat and need heat to raise them so that the moisture can be absorbed. It also means that it is prone to build up so protein-rich deep conditioning products should be used sparingly. There are a few other things about hair porosity that you can read about here. So far, I have seen where my hair doesn’t fulfill all the criteria of low porosity hair, so while I take the advice of the experts on these websites, I also listen to my experienced hairdresser and what my hair tells me. You cannot go wrong with that.


Moisturizing my hair is one of the better parts of my day.

A couple of times for the week, I section my hair, moisturize it with a few sprays of liquid leave-in conditioner, oil the scalp with a castor oil and aloe vera mix, followed by Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie and finish with a scalp massage. And man oh man, that tingling feeling of the blood flowing on my scalp is heavenly! I get all euphoric because my hair looks good, feels good and smells good! I highly recommend that curl smoothie as it eaves your hair silky soft and it is not heavy on my relaxed ends. It’s so good, I have my husband and sons using it in their hair and it does wonders for them too! Go check it out!


I’ve been rocking my head scarfs!

As promised, I’ve been rocking my wide headbands to hide my new growth on days when I do my curly Sue hairstyle. However, on other days, I will do buns, hairstyles using rubber bands or wrap my head with scarfs. After trying different types, I’ve come to accept the fact that while I love the styles that call for knots or bows at the front, they give me a headache. So, in true Krishta style, I find the silver lining and find ways to improvise and rock styles that have the knots or bows at the back or to the side 😊


I learned how to flat-twist my hair!

Please don’t laugh at me as I have never hidden the fact that I can barely two-strand twist much less to do flat twists and cornrows. However, necessity is the mother of invention and perseverance reigned the day that I finally got the flat twist done. It wasn’t the best but I will keep trying.


What’s my next stop on my journey?

I have no idea. This journey is one where I don’t know where the train is going, what turns it may take or anything. I am just along for the ride and going to make the most of it!

Stay tuned!

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