Your Mom Is Not Really Who You Think She Is

Your Mom Is Not Really Who You Think She Is

Your Mom Is Not Really Who You Think She Is

Dec 3, 2016, 2:01:36 AM Opinion

Do not believe on what everybody says. That your mom knows everything about you, what you do, what you need, and what you like to do. She doesn’t. You think that she knows, but really, she knows nothing about you.

She knows what hairstyle you like the most, but she doesn’t know what’s going inside your mind when she does your hair. She knows what food you like and how it should be cooked or presented to you but she doesn’t know who’s the person you really want to eat with. She knows you’re trying really hard when it comes to your studies or your work, but she doesn’t know that you’re already suffering anxiety, chronic stress, and clinical depression. She puts you to bed with a smile in her lips, but after she turns off the light, she doesn’t know that tears are dropping from your eyes.

You feel that she doesn’t really care and she’s pretentious. You always get angry at her because you say that she doesn’t understand you. That your friends are the only ones who get you. That she has other priorities which are better than you. That she’s too busy with her work or her chores. That she only cares for your little brother or sister. That she thinks you’re too weird and will take any other child besides you.

But she doesn’t. She just really doesn’t understand you. She doesn’t know anything about you. And you should tell her. You should tell her everything about you. Because you’re her child, and no matter what or who you are, she’ll accept. She doesn’t know anything because she just doesn’t want to invade your privacy, because you’re a private person, because she wants you to be the one who voluntarily speak up and talk to her.

When you are feeling that no one is by your side when you’ve taken the fall, remember that no best friend is greater than your mom. Remember that she’s always trying to do what’s best for you. She’s trying to cope to be the best mom that you’ve had. Remember that she really wants to know everything about you, but is scared because you’re growing up too fast and she has trouble keeping up. Slow down your pace, sit down, and talk with her.

Know that your mom is always there, and she wants to know and learn everything about you.

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