Legends In The Making IV: Dance Tournament - Ryan “Twin Native” Newman vs. King Guttah

Legends In The Making IV: Dance Tournament - Ryan “Twin Native” Newman vs. King Guttah

This weekend was an exciting one for On Tha Brink as we spent the day watching our favorite dancers battle each other in the fourth Legends In The Making Dance (LITM) Tournament here in West Sacramento, CA. Legends In The Making is a tournament that was started by Paul “Koncept” Gintu. He wanted this tournament to be a place where people can come and watch their favorite dancers perform, like their favorite artist or musician, but LITM is more than that. As observers to the dance world, On Tha Brink has found a community of hope, positivity and perseverance at the LITM tournaments. The dancers treat each other with respect and build each other up, not only through teaching each other, but through hypin’ each other up when a dancer is expressing themselves on the floor. Paul holds all of this dancers to a higher level and they all push themselves to be better than they were at the last battle.

On Tha Brink was on a mission a mission and we found Ryan “Jigman” Newman aka Twin Native and King Guttah before the battle. Both were excited and promised us a good show. After a day of watching so many of Sacramento’s dancers battle it out, it was finally time to watch the battle that we came for: Twin Native vs. King Guttah. Twin Native walked out wearing Black Krownz gear, King Guttah’s label, hopin to show him up for the battle. The battle was lit, lasting all three rounds and King Guttah took home the Crown and still reigns as King.


Please check out our mini interviews with:

LITM IV Intro Interview: https://youtu.be/mRlDp2roiQQ

Ryan “Jigman” Newman aka Twin Native: https://youtu.be/wt-3tb0Gu7Y

Paul “Koncept” Gintu: https://youtu.be/H0kYuhKP49E

King Guttah and D-Trix: https://youtu.be/P8fu_j_8e2I

Darren “Outrage” Konig: https://youtu.be/X8hkXq6VdMM

Bryan Dang: https://youtu.be/opxGT4sWTYE

King Guttah vs. Ryan “Jigman” Newman aka Twin Native Battle: https://youtu.be/xDmZC-f_rwU

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