Margaret Gidding: Dance Is Joy

Margaret Gidding: Dance Is Joy

“Once I discovered dance and then hip hop, I fell in love with hip hop. It’s just the coolest and you get to let go and express yourself.  Dance speaks to my heart and has become my passion.” said Margaret Gidding the afternoon that On Tha Brink sat down to speak with her at her beautiful Sacramento home.

Margaret was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She worked for the federal government for 35 years and now teaches dance, Fierce Funk as it’s called, on a steady basis. Margaret discovered dance at age 49 and has been dancing for six years. Margaret is an example of a new trend. Hip Hop has been bringing people together. At dance battles, tournaments and classes, people of all ages come to join in the fun or watch others. Margaret, a dance teacher of Fierce Funk, tells On Tha Brink that people of all different ages attend her classes. It is inspiring to see people of all ages enjoying and expressing themselves through dance.

Margaret is an inspiration to On Tha Brink and opened up our hearts. Margaret, a recent survivor of cancer, uses dance to get her through. She would dance whenever she got a chance. Margaret told us that dance was a type of escape and that when she got on the floor she forgot the world.

Margaret left a message for the On Tha Brink fans. She told them to find their passion and to stick with it. That sounds like very good advice. At the end of the interview it was fun to watch Margaret and Miss Netta giggin to Miss Netta’s favorite track, Zero Below by Aye Tee.

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