Sacramento’s Rap Scene: From a Female’s Perspective

Sacramento’s Rap Scene: From a Female’s Perspective

We know that gems are hard to find. One might even say that they are rare. At a hip hop showcase at The Blue Lamp, in Sacramento, On Tha Brink had the pleasure of meeting one of Sacramento’s rarest gems: April Foolzz. Her hype vibe and lyrical finesse caught our eye and opened our ears. April had an energy that made you want to stay up if you were standing and get up if you were sitting. Her motto Too Turnt, named after her production company, requires her audience to always be turned up when listening to her music and watching her perform.

April Foolzz was born and raised in Sacramento and is no stranger to the struggles in life. April changed her career path when her dreams of being a basketball star didn’t work out. When she couldn’t attend college, due to personal reasons, she started to look at rap as more than just a hobby. She began to network with local studios and beat-makers in order to create music. In the beginning stages of her career, April came face to face with obstacles that women face in a male dominated industry. As a lesbian rapper, Apil wasn’t fooled by the games being played and became stronger by sticking to her own script.  April shook off the negativity and did what she needed to do to pursue her goal and she is still at it; always Too Turnt.

Hopefully you’ll catch her Friday the 15th at the Colonial Theater on Stockton Blvd in Sacramento (video will be uploaded soon) and keep your eye on her. On Tha Brink is.

Check out On Tha Brink’s Interview with April Foolz on : and

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