Sacramento’s Rap Scene: Spittin’ a Positive Message

Sacramento’s Rap Scene: Spittin’ a Positive Message

Does the music that you listen to ever encourage you or inspire you? Does it make you think about your choices and reflect on your life? Or do you prefer music that’s hype, where you can turn up and get lit off of? Well, what if I told you that there was a way for you to do both? On Tha Brink had the opportunity to catch a live performance of another local gem: Cuzin P at The Blue Lamp. Cuzin P is a different kind of rapper. One who doesn’t follow behind the mainstream trends, but makes his own. The first thing that On Tha Brink noticed about Cuzin P, besides his phenomenal stage presence, was the positive message within his music. His lyrics speak about what’s going on in the world around us and how we can change for the better. In One Thing For Certain, Cuzin P is empowering women by telling them to hold themselves to higher standards and to respect themselves, which is different from other rappers who tend to have a derogatory image of women.

Don Coner aka Cuzin P was born and raised in Detroit, but calls Sacramento his second home. When On Tha Brink sat down with Cuzin P, he explained that he didn’t freestyle because he likes to write down what he has to say before he says it. He wants to reach people with his words and not hit them with what they already hear on the radio (but he can do that too). As an individual who is interested in making change and building up his community, Cuzin P is someone who stands out from the rest and someone who has inspired us, here at On Tha Brink, with his music.

Please stay tuned for a look into Cuzin P’s video shoot coming to you straight from On Tha Brink.


Watch the full Cuzin P interview here – Part 1:

                                                                                Part 2:

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