Desperate Guy | Vol. 1

Desperate Guy | Vol. 1

This post is going to be an on going story, it's literally never going  to end. Trust me, I've kind of tried to end it too. So this whole thing started on the app Whisper. If you don't know what that app is, it's an anonymous app where people post things and you can chat with the person. A lot of people are just looking for someone to talk to, like me. It's a good app to have if you're someone like me who doesn't have many friends and just need or want someone to talk to. Now, let me make one thing clear, I have no intentions on ever meeting anyone from this app. I'm also on it looking for friendship, nothing more.

Around June or July, I made a post. I was just looking for someone to talk to because I was bored. And then along came, let's call him Mitch. Along came Mitch. We talked a lot that day. What was different about Mitch is that he didn't disappear like a lot of people do. We talked about a lot, the only thing that's similar about us is that we have the same taste in music. That's just about it.

As we talked more and more, I realized that this person isn't genuine. They're very negative and I don't need or like negative people in my life. For example, I'm a very picky eater and they would make fun of it or put me down because I have "safe foods" (I'll make a different blog on why I'm that way and what it means). Another thing that they do, that I cannot stand, is they constantly feel the need to tell me when they're drunk. To me, that's just annoying and in my opinion it's something that doesn't need to be publicized.  They would also put me down for not having a job. I was having a really hard time finding something, to me you shouldn't make fun of someone for that. You should just encourage them. Something else about them, they're very set in their ways and very persistent. An example, they kept asking what town I was from, I like to keep that information private, but they fished it out anyways. They also like to tell me where I shop and where I went to school, when I constantly try and tell them they're wrong.. They also constantly want to meet me.. All the time; that's all they ask.

Fast forward to about a month ago, I hadn't talked to them for a while. I was busy with babysitting and YouTube and Mitch was busy with whatever they do. It was just a casual hey what's up conversation, until they said "Wanna see what I look like lol". Now, I don't really like seeing what people look like because the app is anonymous and when they ask like that, it's annoying. Two day's later the conversation went a little like this:

Mitch- Hey

Kristen- Hey sorry I never answered. I got busy the other day & then last night I was out.

M- Oh OK its all good

M- Where did u go u never go out?

THAT MADE ME SO ANGRY. I felt so controlled. Like I wasn't allowed to go out and have a good time, god for bid.

K- I'm at my cousins beach house 

M- Oh nice did u have fun

K- Yeah (I was super annoyed at this point with Mitch about what they said)

M- Wanna see what I look like

And I didn't answer, thinking they got the hint about not wanting to see what they look like. So eight days later, at 1:28 AM, they send me a selfie. Now, I didn't respond, because 1. I didn't want to lie to them and say "Oh cute!" or tell them the truth and say "Not my type.." 2. I opened the message at 6 AM and just forgot about it. 

After that, conversations with Mitch were normal. Until one night, we were just having normal conversation and they said:

M- Can I ask u something

K- Sure

At that point, I fell asleep because I was exhausted and read their massage again in the morning.

M- Did u like how I look or no?

When I read that, it SCREAMED desperate. I didn't know what to say or what to think. To be honest, I just laughed at it. I can't stand when people are like that. Later that next morning, conversations went a little like this:

M- U ok?


M- ?

To me, when people send messages like that, it gives me an excuse to not answer at all. So I didn't for a while. Then I unfortunately caved and messaged them like nothing happened. Everything was fine until they begged me to hangout with them, yet again. 

Will I ever learn my lesson? Nope. Probably not. 

Will this story be never ending? Yes. Yes it is.


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