How To Effectively Grow Your Instagram

How To Effectively Grow Your Instagram

I'm an Instagram junky! Out of all the different social media platforms, Instagram is my favourite! I’ve been using Instagram for a number of years now but it’s only been the past year or so that I’ve really gotten the hang of it and really grew in it.

I’ve discovered a number of ways to healthily grow my Instagram and connect with other incredible people through it. Because ultimately that’s what it’s all about- connecting with people, community. It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers (I know!) numbers play a big part in what we do as bloggers, but it’s not the reason we do what we do.

I’m calling myself an expert in this particular field, but these are just some things that have worked for me and hopefully for you too!
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1. Make your account public.
I know many people don’t like having their account on public, but having it private will suffocate your growth. I don’t know how many times I have gone to check out someones account, seen it on private and just click back instead of follow. People want to know that the people they follow are going to post decent content. If I can’t see the type of content someone posts, I won’t hit follow. Most of the time people will follow you based off your feed.

2. Find the right time in the day to post.
I never thought that this would be an actual thing, but it is! I would just post whenever I felt like it, but when I started getting really serious about social media (that sounds lame but as a blogger you have to) I found that there were certain times throughout the day where there was the most activity on my feed. Once I started to regularly post at these times, I saw my followers, likes and comments start to soar. Play around with uploading at different times throughout the day and find what times you get the most interaction.

3. Post good content & captions.
This is pretty straight forward. If you post good content, people want to keep coming back. Be particular in what you post. I used to just post photos of random things, but once I actually started to put time and effort into what I post, once again I saw more interaction. Also adding great captions with your post is important too. For me I use Instagram as a platform to speak God’s word and encourage people. I mostly write whatever is on my heart at that time, it’s like a mini blog post. Good content helps people interact with you and connect with you.
Which brings me to my final tip…

4. Connect and build relationships.
Like I said before, it’s pretty easy for us bloggers to get caught up in the numbers side of things. But let’s not forget that it’s all about connecting with people and building relationships. I’ve “met” so many wonderful people who encourage and challenge me and who I get to encourage and challenge.
People are the reason we do what we do. Let’s not forget that:)

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