My Favourite Self Care Tips

My Favourite Self Care Tips

Self care is so important and sometimes you just have to take some time to focus on caring for yourself. I am constantly on to go between blogging, work, church life/commitments, college, having a social life and spending time with Lachlan. Taking time for myself doesn’t happen a whole lot these days, but when it does, oh boy is it grand. If you spoke to me a couple years ago I would have said self care is silly. But late last year I was in a very dark season that I actually had to stop and take care of myself before I completely fell apart. When I say I had to stop, I mean people around me made me stop and take care of myself, haha!

That was a big lesson for me. I learned how important self care actually is and how much it benefits you. There are a few things that I really enjoy doing for myself that help make me feel refreshed and alive again. Generally I like to take at least a couple of hours to myself each week and do something for myself.

So let me share with you my favourite self care tips:)


1. Buy yourself one nice thing.

This is my number one point because it is my favourite. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love buying things! This year though I have had to drop back in the spending department because I simply cannot afford it. But sometimes self care looks like making yourself to feel better by buying one new nice thing for yourself when you’re feeling down. You just can’t not be happy when you walk out of a store with something nice.
It might be a cute new top, or dress. It might be new make up, or a cake to bake for yourself. It might be that book you’ve been wanting for a number of weeks. Whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself, go get it. There’s no harm in allowing yourself to purchase one nice thing.

2. Take a long bubble bath.

Our old house didn’t have a bath, which was pretty sad. But we recently moved into our new house that has not only a bath, but an outdoor spa! I’m pretty excited about it.
But there’s nothing more relaxing than laying in a hot bubble bath, with relaxing music playing and a beverage of your choice in your hand (for me, its coffee. Always coffee.)


3. Fill your room/house with some fresh, pretty blooms.

I’m obsessed with fresh flowers. I love them. They have the ability to make a room look fresh and beautiful even if they’re just sitting in a corner. I don’t know what it is, but they also make you feel fresh and beautiful too. I can’t not feel good when I’m walking out of a store with some fresh flowers in my hand! I think it’s their bright, happy colours.
I actually really appreciate it when people buy me flowers, but it doesn’t usually happen, so I’ll just march myself down to the store and buy a bunch of fresh flowers for myself.

4. Sleep/rest

If you’re like me, you’re probably always exhausted. I generally don’t sleep well at nights and I will always have stuff on during the day, so I’m always exhausted. I’m pretty sure I now have permanent bags under my eyes, haha! But for reals.
I don’t handle exhaustion very well and I will usually reach a point where I can’t take it anymore and I will completely break down. I’ve learned that when my body needs rest, it needs rest! It might look like going to bed earlier that night, or taking a nap during the day. Sometimes just laying in bed resting, not sleeping is really helpful too.
If you know your body is exhausted, listen to it. Take some time to rest so you don’t over work yourself.

5. Take yourself out on a date.

This may sound silly to some, but it’s actually really great! Date yourself! By that I mean, take yourself out somewhere you would enjoy. For me it’s (wait for it) cute cafes. Sometimes I will just go find a cute cafe around the area, drink coffee and people watch.
Other times it’s going down to a park, or a look out. You know the places you enjoy visiting and the things you enjoy doing, so do that for yourself:)

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