5 Food You Must Try in Mumbai

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5 Food You Must Try in Mumbai

Feb 26, 2019, 4:40:31 PM Life and Styles

If you visit Mumbai then your trip is not complete till you bite into any of the famous foods in Mumbai. The foods you can taste in Mumbai is as much cosmopolitan as the state of Mumbai is.

People who migrated to the commercial hub of the country also given their different tastes to influence the existing Maharashtra cuisine and culture while traveling through Maharajas Express and Deccan Odyssey train.

These are the top 5 Food You Must Try in Mumbai in the bustling humid streets of Mumbai.

1. Bombay Sandwich

This is a unique sandwich that you would only find popular in Mumbai just as the name suggests. The new and unique preparation includes boiled potatoes and raw slices of – cucumbers, onion rings, mint paste, tomatoes and beetroot in white bread with heavy butter. This is sliced into triangular shaped pieces so it is easier to easily take it without the filling falling out before it goes into the mouth. It is tangy with spices although made with most raw vegetable salad. However, there is also another type which is made with toast and gives a complete unique taste to it. This street food is popular widely in the busy city especially outside big shopping malls.

2. Frankie

This name is synonymous with a fast food preparation in many different parts of the country. However, the recipe drew inspiration from an international food called Lebanese Pita Bread Wrap. This Frankie is a local version that satisfies several flocks of busy people to fast food joints in the city. It makes a nutritious snack and also makes a meal complete for many -office goers. This is generally a non – vegetarian filling but there are vegetarian versions also available. The preparation for this mouthwatering Frankie includes mutton/ chicken, egg coating over it and different flavorings like onion, paneer, spices variation rolled up into a soft naan roti.

3. Sizzlers

Tasting this lip smacking street food is part of most Mumbaikars’ way of life in Mumbai city. People line up in lengthy queues at road side restaurants for this popular and thrilling or sizzling savoury called Sizzlers. There are different flavoring on non – vegetarian and vegetarian variations of this dish. French fries or mashed potatoes with gravy accompanies this snack that resembles a block of dark iron. The meat is grilled (or vegetables) is served on this and the full dish sizzles hot and popping as it is served at your table in several restaurants in Mumbai.

4. Bombill Fry

This is one of Mumbai’s favorite foods as many households prepare it and there is an evening fan following at several food joints for this ‘Bombay Duck’ fry. It is not a duck but a thin long fish crisply fried after a dipping in flour mixture or even semolina. It makes a great starter by itself or eaten with rice or chapati as a main course dish. It is flattened out first and is crispy outside but soft and creamy inside.

5. Zhunka Bhakar

This dish is served with millet flour rotis and prepared with flavoring and chickpeas flour. The budget friendly nutritious dish originated from the farming communities of Mumbai as fishermen prepared it same as above dish. There are several Zhunka Bhankar stalls all over the state. It is popular with common people and working class living in deeper Maharashtra.

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