5 Ways AI Can Transform The PPC Strategy

5 Ways AI Can Transform The PPC Strategy

Feb 9, 2019, 3:39:03 PM Tech and Science

Armed with the new flexible platform, you devise a digital marketing strategy to promote your business. PPC will be a vital element of any such game plan but you are not getting the desired results from the tool. In this article, we are discussing how AI can transform PPC strategy for a business.

So you converted HTML to WordPress theme for your business website to maximize its potential. People must know how this revolutionary technology is affecting not only bidding for keywords but also how ads are displayed. The application of artificial intelligence can help enterprises refine their approach to PPC auctions and ad displaying tactics. The technological innovation can help them extract more mileage out of their Pay Per Click campaigns. Let’s see how AI is impacting the advertising method.

1. Automate The PPC Campaign Management

One of the biggest benefits of AI for PPC users is that it allows them to automate their campaign management. Businesses involved in running separate campaigns for different geographical locations will especially benefit from using the technology. Managing a PPC program can be extremely complicated as various changes have to be considered for fine-tuning the strategy. A change in the search behavior pattern of a region’s audience or the entry of a new competitor can force brands to modify their approach. Moreover, changes like a sharp rise in demand for a product can happen quickly. This requires the advertisers to be quick on their heels and react immediately. However, relying on traditional methods of analysis can lead them to act slowly. Additionally, users handling the strategy for multiple locations can be easily overwhelmed by the data. This can cause them to make incorrect decisions resulting in financial losses. Artificial intelligence tools enable entrepreneurs to manage all the aspects of a campaign in a more efficient manner. These solutions can also be relied upon to handle multiple projects at once without affecting their productivity.

2. Automate The Bidding Strategy

Bidding is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire PPC strategy. Advertisers have to be careful not only while choosing the most keywords but also in setting the price. Let’s say a user bids a high amount for a lucrative keyword. The term helps in getting a large number of impressions for the ad. However, it turns out to be a loss-making strategy as the views did not convert into increased sales. On the other hand, bidding low can cause losing a good chance to attract leads. AI can play an instrumental role in creating an effective bidding strategy. The technology will help use the data of previous bids to make accurate estimations of an ad price. It can also help in approximating the value of a click from an ad. The advantage of using AI solutions is that they not only consider old information but also adapt to new changes. They will detect the changes to make future predictions and suggest changes accordingly. This will help entrepreneurs maximize the potential of their bidding strategy.

3. Helpful In Making Vital Bidding Decisions

Another way in which AI can transform PPC strategy is to help users in making important bidding decisions. Businesses are not only concerned with choosing the most suitable keywords at reasonable prices. There are other important choices to make like deciding to bid for own brand words or a rival’s brand terms. Many business owners feel that bidding for their own terms irrespective of the involved costs will secure their brand. They also feel that exploiting a rival brand’s words will hamper their own brand positioning. However, the innovative technology can help entrepreneurs make informed decisions. AI-based solutions are helpful in ensuring that the specified budget is efficiently used for achieving the business goals. They will generate accurate numbers which will help understand whether a brand needs to bid for own terms at all costs. Such solutions will be of immense value by helping identify opportunities to exploit rivals’ terms. Artificial Intelligence has the capability to evaluate numerous variations of a case scenario rapidly. This helps in making optimal bids for terms that will help generate the best possible results.

4. Optimize Ad Delivery And Display

AI has completely transformed the way in which brands can use PPC to connect with audiences. The technology is being used by advertising platforms to offer solutions to users. They help in optimizing the delivery as well as the display of ads. Brands can set parameters which will dictate the delivery of ads to relevant audiences. AI tools detect the appropriate audience for a campaign and also wait for the right time to deliver it. This means that the commercial is being shown to people who are most likely to click on business’ link. The path-breaking technology now also allows brands to choose the best ad to display to a person. The Dynamic Search Ads service of Google Ads helps present the best commercial that will capture a user’s attention. Subscribers have to choose a set of landing pages which are mined by the tool to generate eye-catching headlines. The Facebook dynamic ads also helps in displaying personalized ads according to a visitor’s interest.

5. Discover New Keywords And Audiences

One of the biggest advantages of using artificial is the access to tools which are free from cognitive bias. These solutions will execute the given task and make adjustments at the same time according to changing audience behavior and rival strategies. This will be helpful in unearthing new keywords and phrases which can generate more value for the brand. It will be useful in discovering terms with better buyers’ intent. AI tools will also help in identifying non-performing keywords which are not delivering any results. The technology can benefit businesses by uncovering new audiences for their products or services. Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze searches and conversion data to identify new opportunities. AI-based solutions can trawl through voluminous data in quick time to spot new promotional opportunities for a brand.

These are just a few ways in which AI can transform PPC strategy and brands must find new methods to harness it for improving their marketing strategy.

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