7 Things You Should Know About Kindergarten Design Ideas

7 Things You Should Know About Kindergarten Design Ideas

Feb 14, 2019, 3:50:59 PM Life and Styles

Planning to design a kindergarten classroom for children in your school? Then, have a look at the following Kindergarten design ideas brought to you by Architectures Ideas. These ideas will help you to design the classroom in the perfect manner without any hassle.

Get the Ideas First

You should get the idea first about how you want the room to look like. Before putting the furniture and supplies in the classroom, get the complete idea about the decoration of the room. Do some research on the internet about the different kindergarten design ideas and decorations so that you can make the room in the best way.

Have a Theme

You can also put a theme of cartoons, natural elements like trees and forests, put alphabets and numbers on the wall so that children love the environment.

You have to plan your classroom layout

It is very vital to plan your classroom layout for setting up quickly. Before moving all the supplies, decorations and furniture, if you have planned the layout then it will really help you to set the classroom quickly and in the desired manner.

You can sketch the complete layout of the room on a piece of paper or you can also use an interactive classroom set-up tool for doing it. Decide where you will put the board, chairs, and tables in the room and plan the complete layout as per your requirements.

For keeping the focus of students on studies and keeping them organized, there should be distinct areas for different subjects and activities. The learning areas will differ depending on the curriculum of the teacher, the size of the classroom and the number of students.

You can keep the following different classroom areas for the students.

  • Classroom library/ Reading area
  • Art/music/theater area
  • Technology/computer area
  • Large and small group workstations
  • Teacher private storage area
  • A large circle area
  • Cubbies/storage space
  •  Active play area

After defining the different areas in the classroom, you should plan the seating arrangements of the children and see if you can save the space. If you are able to save the space then it is well and good otherwise you should keep as it is. The teacher desk is not required as they take a considerable amount of space so you can skip it if you want to save the space.

Make sure that the room remains spacious and doesn’t get messy so that the children can have a fun time over there.

Acquire Materials

Now, it is time to get all the materials that you will require for your classroom. Consider your budget, classroom size and the number of students when you are acquiring the materials. The following items will be required for your classroom.

•    Tables or desks

•    A teacher chair

•    Bookshelves

•    A large area rug

•    Various games, puzzles, blocks, and hand instruments

•    Pencils, crayons, colored pencils

•    Paper

•    Erasers

•    Notebooks

Make sure that you organize these items well in your classroom such that the room remains spacious and doesn’t look messy. You should also consider getting a storage container for storing these materials.

Setting Up

Now, it is time to set up the classroom. Set up the room as per the layout that you have prepared. Gather all the materials that you have collected and set it up as per your needs. You should set up the classroom when the school isn’t busy so you will feel some peace and will feel comfortable doing it. It will probably finish faster as compared to when the school is busy. There will be fewer distractions and so you will quickly complete the task.

Decorate Walls

After arranging the furniture, decorate the walls. Decorating the walls will create a fun learning environment for the students but make sure that there limit the decoration as too much of it will look pretty bad. Remain conservative with your decorations to limit the distractions and make sure you have a specific educational purpose in the decoration.

Go for it

Now, after the complete setup of the classroom completes, you can just start using the room and teach the children over here. We hope that you have loved reading these kindergarten design ideas and will implement it in your own classroom.


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