How You Can Use Facebook Advertising For Your E-Commerce Store

How You Can Use Facebook Advertising For Your E-Commerce Store

Feb 12, 2019, 9:48:55 PM Tech and Science

Do you own or operate an e-commerce business? Facebook Advertising can be a potential goldmine for you and your business if you take the necessary steps to ensure your marketing and branding is cohesive. No matter what you’re selling online, there’s a place for your business on Facebook’s advertising platform. While experienced marketers typically have the most success using Facebook for their business, even small business owners have a chance at the platform and increase the effectiveness of Facebook as a sales channel.

Facebook digital advertising can help you scale your business to new heights. You may already be using Google AdWords for your business, which is recommended anyway, but if your product is especially for consumers (and those consumers most likely use Facebook), you should be using Facebook Business Manager sooner than later.

Unknown to many business owners until they start using Facebook Ads, Instagram is owned by Facebook, and they use the same advertising platform. Thus, Facebook & Instagram Ads are from the exact same source, saving business owners lots of time when making ads. Since you’ll likely be making ads by the hundreds soon, being able to cover two of the top social media platforms will make your life much easier.

Here’s how you can use Facebook Ads for your online store:

Facebook Ads For Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important for literally every business-- without anyone knowing about you or what you sell, you will likely not get any sales. You may know of traditional brand awareness advertising, like billboard ads off the side of the highway, or a television/radio commercial. But since this is 2019, Facebook Ads provides the best medium to reach the most amount of people and retarget to them, which we will get to shortly.

Instagram also has 500 million active users daily, which is a large amount. Obviously, you don’t want to reach to all of those 500 million users, but the fact is, being able to reach millions of people with the click of a button is extremely valuable. What’s super important before clicking that button, however, is ensuring you have the correct targeting done beforehand.

Targeting Facebook & Instagram Users

So, you have a Facebook page, a beautiful e-commerce website, and now you’re ready to start advertising to millions of people per month. Your next first order of business is to make sure you know how exactly you should be targeting to. This is one of the biggest pieces to social media advertising, and for this reason, we recommend that you consult to social media advertising experts before trying this on your own.

Targeting is so important, that if you mess up this portion of your advertising campaign, you can waste your budget with 0 sales quite easily. Define your audience first, then start your targeting. You can target on Facebook/Instagram based on the user’s interests, demographic (age, gender), and even ethnicity. Something else you will want to do immediately is install a Facebook Pixel on your website as soon as possible. A Facebook pixels ensures that your website is tracking all user data and actions so you can leverage that for future purposes.

Lookalike audiences are especially important; you want to create Lookalike audiences to your current purchasers to find people most relevant to your business. You may not know who your target market is exactly, but Facebook does.

Remarketing Makes Digital Advertising Great

After all of these brand awareness ads, you have likely sent people to your website. Those people could have bounced immediately, or they could have viewed some pages, possibly added a product to their cart, and hopefully purchased! If they didn’t purchase, don’t be too sad. You can easily show that person an ad almost immediately after they leave your website and abandon their carts.

Abandoned cart marketing is critical to gaining more sales. Ultimately, not everyone is ready to buy when they’re on your website. Maybe it wasn’t a good time or maybe they’re waiting for a sale to happen. Whichever it is, you want to show these potential buyers an ad so they can complete the conversion action. Facebook remarketing campaigns are an absolute MUST when it comes to digital advertising. Avoiding or even skipping this step can be lethal to your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re in need of digital advertising services especially on Facebook or Instagram, you should seek help before making crucial mistakes on the advertising platform. Contact a digital advertising agency with any questions you may have and they can potentially help your business scale using Facebook & Instagram!

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