The Connection Between Incentives and Employee Productivity

The Connection Between Incentives and Employee Productivity

Feb 5, 2019, 5:00:12 PM Business

It's evident that the reason why productivity increases in most companies are because employees are offered incentives that motivate them to work more. Employees incentives do not only increase the productivity of a company or an organization but also attracts more clients thus maximizing profit. Some of the employee incentives include bonuses, workplace amenities, flexible hours, free lunch and increased time off. After all, every employee loves to wake up feeling motivated to report to work. Here are some things that show how employee incentives influence the productivity of your company or organizations.

1. Incentives Boost Employees Work Morale

When an employer offers incentives to his or her workers it's they tend to feel appreciated, thus boosting their working morale which in turn results to maximized productivity. Incentives and rewards create a good working environment as well as reduces absenteeism at work. However, if employees keep working hard without being recognized, they tend to get bored and fail to report to work thus lowering production.

2. Increased Loyalty

Employees incentives tend to increase their loyalty towards the company or organization. When employees gain trust and loyalty with their employer, they become more committed to the job. Loyalty is key as it shows that the employer values his/her employees input in his company. Rewarding employees hard work encourages them to work harder to ensure that your company’s productivity level increases. Along with the incentive program, you can add another loyalty increment programs. You can take motivation from Power2Motivate loyalty programs or design some programs yourself.

3. Job Promotions

Giving employees promotions at work is a good incentive and is also a way to boost productivity. Job promotions come with more cash regarding salary thus encouraging the employees to work harder for them to get a promotion as well. However, you cannot promote every employee in your company thus the need to look at those who deserve to be promoted without being biased.

4. Improving The Work Environment

Employees love being in a conducive working environment as it boosts their concentration. An employer can improve the working environment by designing offices using modern technology, buying the latest machines for production, having a break room for their employees among others. Employees love being in a comfortable working environment as it allows them to work efficiently and meet the production targets.

5. Help To Reduce Company Costs

Incentive programs help to reduce costs like recruitment costs that result from increased employee absenteeism. When all employees are present, the employer can see a return on investment because the productivity levels are always high. Also, the company or organizations costs can be measured regarding reduced turnover of employees. However, increased turnover increases the company costs because so much money and time are spent training and recruiting new employees. It’s important to retain employees using incentives as it ensures that your company remains productive.

6. Incentives Increase The Company’s Objective Achievements

The employee's incentive program is one of the best ways to ensure that you achieve your company’s objectives and targets. As an employer, you can use incentive programs to set realistic productivity goals for employees and reward them when they achieve the goals. Incentive programs do not only boost the company’s productivity but also help the employer to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals.

7. Encourages Teamwork

Incentives are a good way to encourage teamwork among employees thus promoting the success of the company. When there is teamwork, you can be sure that your company will produce more goods thus meeting the client’s demands. Teamwork increase work efficiency and good work relations.

Incentive programs in workplaces are essential as they benefit both the employees and the organization or company. Most companies with incentive programs enjoy increased productivity levels that result from working with motivated and loyal employees.

Published by Kristin Perry

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