The mission of Vietnam when bringing nutritious nuts to the world

The mission of Vietnam when bringing nutritious nuts to the world

Mar 4, 2019, 4:58:46 PM Life and Styles

Dung Ha Agricultural Products Co. Ltd is a genuine importer and distributor of nutritious grain products on the Vietnamese market.

All nutritious nut products of the company are imported 100% from the famous speciality homeland of the countries in the world and some regional specialities in the country.

The mission of the company

Giving to Vietnamese people the best nutritious nut products, clean products, clear origin with the highest quality, good for human health, contributing to maintaining and protecting Vietnamese health.

The vision of the company

Becoming a leading company in Vietnam in the field of providing clean food, clean vegetables, trading in dry food products, diversified models, providing high-quality nutritious nuts.

Why need to choose nutritious nut food

Nutritious nuts are commonly used in every family because it has many effects on human health. Nutrients can be used for all subjects such as children, pregnant women, people who need to lose weight, ... and can process into many different delicious dishes.

  • People who eat regular grains tend to have less diabetes, better cardiovascular health, lower the risk of death, higher life expectancy than those who do not eat nuts.
  • According to a recent study, eating 10 grams of seeds a day can reduce the risk of death from any cause by 23%.
  • Raw unprocessed nutritious nuts are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.
  • Contrary to the belief that eating a lot of fat will make you fatter, eating more healthy fats actually helps you lose weight.
  • If you are miserable because of overweight, it is because you eat too much sugar and no plant fibre.

Top of the best selling nut products in Dung Ha Agricultural Products

Walnuts: should eat walnuts regularly. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. They are effective in reducing the symptoms of age-related disorders. Also, walnuts contain substances that protect men from prostate cancer.

Fresh roasted cashew nuts: Cashew nuts contain a lot of iron needed to prevent anaemia. They are also useful in controlling blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Cashews also contain phosphorus and thiamine that help you dispel fatigue quickly. The anti-inflammatory effect of cashews helps protect the body from the flu and helps the body build a stronger immune system.

Almonds: Helps stabilize blood lipids and reduces cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients. Almonds are used as a snack or before meals to reduce body fat levels. Because it is an alternative to animal protein, it gives you a feeling of fullness and prevents you from overeating.

Macadamia: contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 that are believed to be good foods for pregnant women and children. If you use cauliflower regularly, help provide an abundant source of energy with twice the calories of other nuts. In particular, women who are pregnant add cauliflower seeds to their diets not only to make extra meals but also to contribute to the energy of the fetus.

Particles: These small particles can have a positive effect on the human body. Fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 3, are essential for heart and blood vessel activity, lowering cholesterol levels. These seeds are good for women and vitamin B protects the body from skin disease

Why should you choose to buy nutrition nut at Dung Ha Agricultural Products?

Not only known as a company providing clean food but nutritious nut brand Dung Ha has been widely known to users. Swimming with every product the company has a sales policy as well as a commitment to quality. "Bring nature to every home" is the goal that the company aims to, so the business activities of Dung Ha are aimed at safe consumption for customers. So good nutritious seeds too:

  • 100% natural ingredients do not contain preservatives and chemicals
  • High-quality products and health assurance for consumers
  • Careful selection and international quality inspection
  • Pack and store at room temperature so as not to wear away the nutritional value of the product.
  • Commit to "food cover", return the product if the product does not meet customer needs or is not of quality.
  • With these affirmations, Dung Ha nutrition nut promises to bring you the most delicious and quality feel.

Address to buy nut seeds at Dung Ha Agricultural Products

If you are looking to buy quality nut seeds, quickly contact Dung Ha. We are a nut supplier for many large store partners. Product quality is always the top priority.

Nutritional value, healthy food is what the nutritious grain here gives you. Above all, the product is packaged elegantly and luxuriously suitable as gifts for relatives and Tet.

Address to buy good tea at the company

Dung Ha Agricultural Product Company Limited

Address: số A11, ngõ 100 Trung Kính, Yên Hòa Ward, Cầu Giấy district, Hà Nội




Hotline: 0901539693

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