Why You Should Choose Homestay Option On India Tour

Why You Should Choose Homestay Option On India Tour

May 11, 2018, 5:18:48 PM Life and Styles

India is a country of varied culture and warm hospitality. But when you are opting to stay in hotels you miss a lot on the true culture and heritage of India. Keeping this in mind now there are lot many homestays available in the country. Now, why should you prefer homestay over hotel stay? Let us checkout.

Homemade Food

India is known for its quintessential cuisines which spread the aroma of fresh spices and assure good health. Hotel food is often customized to suit the requirements of all the boarders and hence if you are looking to get the true of India you will miss it at any hotel; be it standard or premium. Hence if you want to satisfy your taste buds with authentic Indian cuisines with lot many variations, go for homestay. In some homestays, guests are even permitted into the kitchen, where you can watch and participate in the process of cooking.

In-depth Knowledge

Homestays are arranged by localities that have immense knowledge about the unique features of their place, its heritage and culture; hence you get a far better insight into the specialty of the place which no guidebook can provide. It is also an awesome experience to explore places with educated and sophisticated hosts of the homestay.

Feeling of Home

When you are at a homestay, you are travelling places with your loved ones. They make you feel completely at home, considering your every need and serving you with smile. Most of the homestays just allow 2-3 guests and hence you get total attention and can relax at ease, avoiding the crowd and commotion. Guests can stay with them, dress as per Indian culture with the help of their hosts and chitchat for long hours feeling joyful. Some even create an excellent bonding with their hosts.

Exquisite Accommodation

Last but not the least; homestay facility offers you an opportunity to stay at distinctive and characterful residences which are far different than the hotels, all of which look the same. From hundreds of years old palaces and havelis with large pillars, dim lights and with a classic air to mighty hilltop forts and cottages with thatched roofs, ensuring a rustic lifestyle along with all modern ambience and ample water.

Real Feel of Rituals

Indian festivals and rituals like Diwali and Dushhera are colorful and full of fun. If you want to know about the true style of Indian worship and participate in the fun in a traditional way, homestay is your option. From preparing the homemade sweets which are dedicated to the God to getting involved in the home-worships and rituals, you can get a vibe of everything.

Utmost Safety

Last but not the least; if you want to feel on your foreign trip, homestay is the best option. Here you stay like a family member and is always more safe than at any hotel. Whether it is South India and North India Region, you will get cultured and people and you can learn so many things from them.

Hence homestays are the best option for tourists who want to de-stress themselves this vacation; living the real life of India, experiencing the amiability of Indians.

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