Murder is not normal

Murder is not normal

Sep 1, 2017, 1:00:41 PM Opinion

Murder is not normal. Yes we know it happens daily and unfortunately a lot of us will be affected by it in some way. We will know someone personally who was murdered or friends with someone who was very close to someone who was murdered but it still doesn’t make it “normal.”  A mother killing her baby to get back at her boyfriend who doesn’t want to be with her anymore is not okay. A man walking around shooting random people is not okay. So why do we share this as if it’s an adorable picture of some kitten chasing a ball? We see videos of Philando Castile being murdered by a cop and we are pissed yet we are desensitized of it.  Seeing dead people on social media is the new thing when it shouldn’t be. Murder is not an everyday thing we should be okay with seeing. Dead bodies are not flowers or rainbows we see on a daily bases. Stop sharing that shit and saying its awareness. IT’S NOT!  (Totally not speaking about the Philandro video) 

Published by KRISTINA GREY

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